Cheap Smartwatch Advan Start Go S1 Officially Released

Cheap Smartwatch

Cheap Smartwatch : Advan has announced the release of their new smartwatch. Namely Advan Start Go S1, a cheap smartwatch for only Rp. 499,000 per unit.

The Advan Start Go S1 smartwatch is claimed to be able to function like a personal assistant, making it easier for users to do their daily activities. As a small example, this smartwatch has a heart rate sensor that provides information in real time.

“Start Go S1 is suitable for active users, who can monitor the health conditions of users on a daily basis,” said GM Marketing Advan Aria Wahyudi in an official statement.

Advan Start Go S1 can record the user’s heart medical record which includes a summary of average activities, sleep quality and average heart rate for a week.

Start Go S1 can also be a friend to exercise by setting a daily target, the percentage of the daily target that has been achieved or the number of calories burned through the user’s activities.

Advan also mentioned that Start Go S1 can also act as a personal trainer who provides information about a healthy lifestyle.

The reason is, the features carried by this latest smartwatch can monitor step targets, sleep duration, weight, calories burned and daily mileage.

Even Advan Start Go S1 can also monitor 10 types of sports that its users do.

In terms of durability, the Advan Start Go S1 has a 5 ATM resistance so that swimming, snorkeling and even wearables can be invited to dive to a depth of 50 meters.

The battery life is also claimed to be able to last up to 30 days with just one battery charge.

Not only about health, but Advan Start Go S1 also acts as a personal assistant by providing notifications for all emails, social media, and activity calendars.

In addition, users can also find out the location of the cellphone when they forget to put it up to 10 meters away via the find my phone feature.

As a greeting, Advan priced the Star Go S1 at Rp. 499,000 if you bought it on January 23 – 27, 2020. However, after the promotion period, the price became Rp. 699,000.

That’s the cheap smartwatch Advan Start Go S1

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