Chrome OS 105 offers features to save power

Chrome OS 105

The power saving feature will work by activating an inactive tab after 10 seconds, thus saving Chromebook power.

The upcoming Google Chrome OS update is rumored to help Chromebook battery last longer. The feature will be included in Chrome OS 105, which will only appear after two more versions.

Reporting from Digital Trends (8/7), the power saving feature will work by disabling tabs that are no longer active after 10 seconds, to reduce CPU load. Please note, the current version of Chrome can only deactivate tabs that are not in use after 5 minutes.

By reducing the time to 10 seconds, open tabs will reduce the demand on the CPU, thus draining the battery less. This feature will be especially useful for users operating Chromebooks with dozens of tabs open across multiple windows.

“These are tabs that you may have open, for example, but are inactive or no longer found interaction with on those tabs,” Chrome writes on its website.

However, version 105 will not be available in the near future to the public. The operating system version currently used by users is Chrome OS 103. It may take a year or more before Google releases Chrome OS 105.

On the other hand, users can save battery by several steps, such as lowering the screen brightness and turning off the keyboard backlight. Users can also unplug unused USB accessories, and ensure that no unused apps are running in the background.

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