Chumby is an Amazing Device

Chumby is an Amazing

Chumby is an Amazing : You have never seen a device like this. Call it a toy, a clock, a picture frame or a web appliance, it is a combination of all of these.

Chumby is a compact device, an integration of several facilities, that displays useful and entertaining information from the web, such as news, music, weather, photos, celebrity gossip, webcams, sports scores. You can choose from a number of widgets offered in different categories. Interactive widgets can be used to take benefits of its touchscreen or motion sensor.

Chumby will connect to your wireless Internet router using Wi-Fi and fetch all types of content from the Web. Chumby is neither designed for web surfing nor for two-way communication like e-mail and instant messaging. It is all about an overblown Web 2.0 fascination with software widgets. Open-source idealism, and building a new community around them.

Chumby is soft all around except for its touchscreen and a rear panel with a power button and ports for USB connections and the power cord. On top, there’s a button hidden under the soft leather that you squeeze to control certain functions.

Features of Chumby

Personalized alarm clock: Life is better when chumby wakes you up. You can enjoy wake up listening to your favorite alarm tone, news headlines, internet radio station, podcast, weather, sports or any audio or visual info you choose.

Music & podcasts: You can tune into thousands of free online radios or internet radios from around the world. Get podcasts from The New York Times, CBS, etc on a lot of topics like news, sports, comedy, etc.

Free chumby network: The best thing about the chumby network is that it is free. No subscriptions to pay, no plans to sign up for. Chumby industries and sponsor companies, who will be sending you widgets such as music, games, movie previews, will pay for you.

Photo viewing & sharing: If you have an account on Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket, Facebook, or MySpace, you can use chumby as a digital photo frame to show off your favorite photos. Using tags you can view public or private photos. You can share your photos with chumby friends.

Social networking: Stay connected with the recent activities on your social network accounts. Get in touch without being a slave to your computer.

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