Circulating “Dummy” iPhone 14 Pro Max Leaks

Circulating "Dummy"

Circulating “Dummy” : Leaks about the iPhone 14 are increasingly milling about in cyberspace. Recently, an example or dummy model which is suspected to be the iPhone 14 Pro Max circulated. The dummy leak was revealed by a gadget leaker from China known as “Duan Rui”. Previously, he had also leaked pictures of the shape of the iPhone 14 series cellphone casing with different sizes. The dummy leak was uploaded through his Twitter account.

There is something unique about the dummy which is located on the screen.

The dummy does not show a notch or bangs as a front camera case and a number of sensors. The bangs are replaced by holes aka punch-holes. There are two punch holes of different sizes. One is oval shaped like a pill, the other is round like the picture below.

Circulating “Dummy” The hole will house the front camera, Face ID sensor, and other components. If this leak is accurate, the iPhone 14 Pro Max will be Apple’s first phone with a punch hole and eliminate “bangs”. Previously, there were rumors that Apple would start to abandon the notch on the upcoming iPhone 15 and replace it with a perforated screen. This is because Apple still doesn’t have the perfect technology to adopt a perforated screen. This is also said to be one of the reasons why Apple has not left the iPhone in the iPhone 13 series line.

Apple itself puts many components in the notch such as sensors for the Face ID feature, selfie camera, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, and much more. However, this perforated screen model will not be adopted in all models of the iPhone 14 series, but only the iPhone 14 pro version

It should be underlined that this is still a leak and not yet official.

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