Consider High Tech Gadgets When You Remodel Your Bathroom

Consider High Tech Gadgets : Every year designers and inventors are coming up with new gadgets for improving the quality of your bathroom experience. You decide which ones you can’t live without during your bathroom renovations. Consider High Tech Gadgets

Television Mirror

Having a TV in the bathroom is increasingly popular, but where do you put it? How about in the mirror? When the unit is activated, it creates an LCD window in the mirror displaying your favorite show. The rest of the mirror will only reflect your image, so you can brush your teeth while watching your favorite talk show.


New gadgets include built-in MP3 players integrated into the controls, seats that track your weight, toilets that act as bidets, gadgets that measure blood pressure and the sugar in urine, and toilets that flush and close themselves automatically. Some toilet paper dispensers also have MP3 docks.

Soap Holders

How can you improve on one of the lowest-tech accessories in the bathroom? New holders use magnetism to suspend the soap bar over the sink – so there’s no more gloppy residue at the bottom of the soap dish. Another option is liquid soap in disposable bags that you can suspend by a clip.

Tub Controls

New devices allow you to program the exact water depth and temperature for your bath and will keep adding water to maintain the desired temperature. These systems can remember the preferences of up to three people.

Shower Lights

If you’re looking for ways to jazz up your shower during your bathroom remodeling project, consider lights. Some gadgets will alert you to the water temperature with red and blue lights. Other shower stalls will allow you to program ceiling panels to glow in your favorite colors – or use pre-installed sets of light patterns that can simulate bright sunshine, rain, or a cloudy day.

Digital Showers

A built-in computer will remember custom settings for each family member. Imagine stepping into the shower and having the water temperature, shower height, and water pattern just as you like it! Some showers computers also allow you to synchronize light, sound, water, and steam, for a completely personalized showering experience.

Underwater Lights

Want a rainbow of color in your bathtub? Done! The waterproof underwater light show is also great for enlivening a pool or hot tub during a party.

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