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Cool Gadgets Shopper : Are you fond of taking pictures using your digital cam? Do you make it a hobby to capture every memorable moment of your life using your cool gadgets? If yes, then you must have a thousand pictures with you by now.

Taking pictures using a digital camera has become a trend. Although they don’t require film, you still have to pay for printing them. However, did you know that there’s actually a better way of viewing your shots and storing your pictures without spending too much? This and more are made possible with a digital photo frame.

A digital frame is also referred to as media frame which is a device that looks like an ordinary picture frame which is used for displaying and storing photos taken by a digital camera. The only difference is that it has an LCD screen wherein you can display and view your photos using a slideshow format.

Digital frames are so cool. For starters, you get to see your pictures anytime you want and carry them along with you. You no longer have to flip pages since the frames show photos in a slideshow format. Instead of developing your shots one by one and paying a good deal of money for them, you can simply use a digital picture frame to see your pictures. Not only that but you can also download and share pictures from the internet using this frame.

So what makes those frames a favorite among young and old alike? Just so you know almost everybody’s using a digital camera to capture photos nowadays. People go crazy over those frames since they’re convenient and practical to use. Instead of buying multiple frames for their pictures, they just need one digital frame to display all their pictures.

Cool Gadgets Shopper Most of these frames are about the same size and shape as a regular picture frame. But would you believe that the smallest is about 1.5 inches only and the biggest is up to 15 inches? The most in demand however are those which are only 7 inches.

If you think a digital picture frame is just for displaying pictures, think again. It also serves other functions. Today, you can find many of them with wireless, Bluetooth, and mp3 capabilities. You can even watch short videos you’ve taken suing your digital camera.

Anybody who has a passion for taking pictures or simply want a more convenient way of displaying photos can opt for these digital frames. You can have them at $29.9 while more expensive brands can go up to $299.99. Prices often vary depending on size and brand.

So say goodbye to buying the usual picture frames. Save more with the most convenient way for displaying your mementos by using a digital photo frame.

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