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Cool Gadgets Shopper  : You may be wondering why a mobile phone is called a smartphone. Is it really smart? If yes, what makes it smarter than the other? Or is it another term to introduce a new gadget? Let us now discover the ingenuity of a smartphone which endears it to many people worldwide.

A smart mobile phone is a device which put together the functionality of the basic telephone and a personal digital assistant or a personal computer. It allows the user to make and place a phone call, send and receive text messages and emails, as well using office document programs.

Recent innovation for the smart cell phone adds additional application based programs like Java ME and other similar application for added convenience and entertainment of its users. It is run via complete operating systems which facilitate the continuous development of its applications. With these, the smartphone is a mobile phone and portable personal computer all in one.

Here are some of its key features which make it smart:

* The operating system is its back bone. It allows the phone to run its applications. Use either of these operating systems: Symbian OS, BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone OS, iOs and Android.

* Software includes the usual address book and contact manager programs of a basic cellular phone. Add to these are the Microsoft Office applications and other downloadable applications from the internet as well as GPS navigating systems among many others.

* It is also a personal assistant with its email and organizer functions which keep the user updated and can easily access his or her files anywhere.

* Wireless connectivity, which means the user can be connected either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi making the internet ever portable and accessible.

* It has synchronization function which updates stored data whether from the internet or from laptops or personal computers.

* It has innovative designs which include bigger memory for storage, larger screens as well as the QWERTY keyboard which is similar to that of a PC keyboard or a touch screen interface for placing inputs and accessing the phone itself.

The smartphone technology continuously develops as you read this article. Its technology constantly helps the busy person to be in touch with his or her work, family and friends without having to be immobilized in one place. Prices of these phones vary from one manufacturer to another. A smart mobile phone usually has a price range of US$200-US1000 depending on the brand and its feature. You can always check a particular brand’s website for its prices and gadget specification and reviews. And just like any other purchase, make sure that it is covered by warranty for parts and services.

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