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Cool Gadgets Shopper  : When the normal 40 GB hard drive was considered a phenomenal invention in the past, the use of USB ports was almost zero. With the advent of a zillion USB devices like flash drives, card readers, hard drives and wire extenders, the need for more than two USB ports in the computer became evident. If you already know what a USB Hub is, you’d know that it has a number of ports that lead out of a single port in your system.

For those who consider ignorance to be bliss, you’ll have to get used to the idea of ports and USB devices. A port is simply a socket where your USB cable goes in. If you notice the number of ports on your desktop or laptop, you’ll find that it’s usually two or three. Think of this – you have two external hard drives and a USB mouse. Where are you going to fit the flash drive which has important documents you need?


is typically a small box-like cool gadget which has six or eight USB ports in it. It has a single USB cable that can be fit inside the computer. You’ll have to be aware of the fact that the hub converts a single port into multiple ports for easier access. Also, every time you connect one of your USB devices to your desktop. You don’t have to move the table to reach behind the CPU. With a multitude of devices plugging into the USB including miniature vacuum cleaners to clean the keyboard, small fans. For the individual electronics and even hand fans for you, it becomes essential for you to have a one.

Unless you have an old Celeron processor with not enough memory to share it with a USB port, you definitely have a USB device – at least a flash drive. Generally, USB hubs attract the regular computer user and people who have managed to procure a dozen USB devices would be most benefitted. With a USB Hub, you never have to go “Eenie Meenie Miny Moe” with your devices to decide which ones to disconnect and which ones can stay connected if you want to connect a new device.Cool Gadgets Shopper Why

This leads us to our next question what type of devices can a hub hold? The answer is very simple – anything that has a USB cable coming out of it. This includes external hard drives, external input devices like a mouse and a keyboard, joysticks and game controllers, flash drives. Cell phones and music players, and even some funny inventions like the vacuum cleaner. The moment you look at this small list. We are pretty sure that you would have said “I have most of these devices”.

The USB Hub increases the number of devices that your computer can be connect to in a phenomenal way.

Not only does it allow you to connect more devices, it enables you to connect them easily. You would remember that before the USB hub came into the picture. You had to grope around for the USB port to plug in a device. Well, that can be eliminated with the USB Hub.

The decision to buy a USB hub is simple enough. But the question as to what to buy can confuse the most learned of geeks. The first thing to do would be to decide on the version of the Hub – USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. The primary determinant of a USB hub is the number of ports that it has – it could come with just six ports or 12 ports or even twenty ports. If you’re looking for a nice design, there are turtles, jewel boxes and small keyboard USB hubs for you. They even come with solar chargers and integrated lamps.Cool Gadgets Shopper Why

The USB hub is about as cheap as you want it to be.

With the lowest models starting at $10, you can’t get stuff for cheaper than this. Any additional devices along with the Hub like the solar charger or desktop vacuum cleaner could cost you a little extra if you plan to buy the whole package that some sellers offer. The terms “cheap” and “extremely useful” could more than describe the USB hub. Not only does it serve you well, but also you can choose to gift your customers with the USB hub. If you’re an efficient browser, you can easily find the best deals for USB Hubs on the Internet. eBay and Amazon are best places to start with.

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