Cooperating with Zeiss the Camera Technology is More Sophisticated

Cooperating with Zeiss

Cooperating with Zeiss : The camera is one of the main advantages and selling points of today’s smartphone devices. Therefore, currently many mobile phone brands are partnering with partners who focus on the camera’s ability to improve its quality.

Huawei for example. They have consistently collaborated with partners who have focused on the camera lens business for many years, namely Leica. There is another Nokia embracing Zeiss, one of the big names in the camera lens industry and several other brands such as Vivo.

For Vivo, just like Nokia, they also collaborated with Zeiss to improve camera performance. Recently, Vivo announced that the long-term strategic partnership between Vivo and Zeiss is continuing.

The main goal of the collaboration is claimed to create a device that has premium camera technology and high quality. As mentioned above, capable cameras in smartphone devices are quite sought after even though the price is relatively higher.

Cooperating with Zeiss Edy Kusuma, Senior Brand Director of Vivo Indonesia, said that through this partnership, his party continues to push boundaries in presenting world-class professional camera optical technology to consumers.

“We believe that the innovation of the Imaging System development between Vivo and Zeiss is one of the most important areas to serve our wide consumer base for a modern lifestyle with premium smartphones,” he said.

For information, the camera lens technology innovation embedded in the Vivo X60 Series is one of the results of a long-term collaboration between Vivo and Zeiss. The development of Zeiss Imaging System technology was previously said to promise an increase in image clarity and sharpness in video recording and photo color.

The Zeiss Imaging System embedded in the Vivo X60 Series device helps improve image capture performance, starting from the software system capabilities in the camera lens for sharper and clearer image quality.

Not only that, the result of the collaboration between Vivo and Zeiss is also integrated with technological innovations in other Vivo X60 Series cameras, including Gimbal Stabilization 2.0 and Extreme Night Vision 2.0. is a feature that can increase stability when shooting photos and videos even in low light rooms.

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