Crypto Asset Prediction 2022, Ethereum is Increasing

Many phenomena regarding crypto assets will occur in the 2021 period. In the next year, of course, the performance of crypto assets is expected to be even better with the new ecosystem. Indodax CEO Oscar Darmawan predicts that in 2022 there will be a new ecosystem after 2020 there will be DeFi and in 2021 there will be NFT hype and also Metaverse. Of course, this ecosystem will not be abandoned, even though a new ecosystem is formed. Not only about the ecosystem, after the movement from the country of El Salvador to make Bitcoin a legal tender, of course other countries will follow suit.

“This year, Bitcoin is becoming more and more mainstream. Ordinary people who usually don’t know what bitcoin is, are starting to hear and become aware of bitcoin. Not only that, Bitcoin has also been used as foreign exchange for the country and also the entry of institutional investors, “explained Oscar, Thursday (29/12).

Oscar also saw that in the past there were countries that had never considered Bitcoin as foreign exchange. “But this year, it is reported that El Salvador will be followed by other South American countries that have been tied to the USD and will consider Bitcoin as their country’s foreign exchange,” he continued.

Regarding the IMF which has given quite a lot of statements against Bitcoin, Oscar feels that in 2022 the market will be immune and the IMF’s opinion which sometimes challenges cryptocurrencies is not something that can really move the market.

“Bitcoin has been declared dead since its inception. I think the IMF statement that contradicts the existence of crypto will not have much effect. What will be quite influential is how the country will make bitcoin as foreign exchange or not. We can also see that the Institution has also plunged in and the waves are quite big. If the price goes down the institution will buy it up. If this is done continuously for a long time the supply of bitcoin will continue to run low,” said Oscar.

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