Data Usage Warning on Android

Data Usage Warning

Have you ever received a notification about a cellular data usage warning or a data usage warning on your Android smartphone or tablet? If you have, maybe you will wonder what the notification means. And how to get rid of mobile data usage warnings on our cellphones.

Relax, although it’s a little annoying because it always appears in the notification panel, it turns out that this warning is actually not dangerous. And this warning will not have any effect on our smartphone. Before discussing how to overcome or eliminate the notification so that it does not appear again, it helps us understand first the purpose of the notification that appears.

What is Data Usage Warning on Android?

Let’s keep it simple. Data usage means data usage. And the data usage referred to here is how much cellular data quota has been spent by the Android phone or tablet that we use.

Usually, if it turns out that our cellphone or tablet is still new, then the system on the cellphone will automatically have a setting to warn how much cellular data quota has been used. Generally, the data usage warning notification, aka the data usage warning, only appears after we use a quota of 2GB in the span of one month.

The purpose is, to notify or warn us, when we are CONSIDERED to have used too much quota. With the hope, so that we can save more use of the internet. So that our quota does not run out prematurely. This warning is kind of telling us that:

Hey, you’ve used 2GB of quota. Try checking the remaining quota, is it still safe or not?

Now, with this warning, the hope is that we will avoid the risk of “pulse being sucked in”, as a result of spending too quickly on the quota because we are too busy using the internet. Which is if we are too busy surfing the internet, sometimes we can forget to pay attention to how much internet data quota we use. And if it turns out to be too much, the credit that we have can also be sucked into the internet.

Even if we use unlimited quota, this feature can also warn us when our quota usage is approaching the FUP limit.

Data Usage Warning Using Monthly Cycle

By default, this data usage warning has a monthly cycle. For example, if you buy a cellphone on June 10, then the cellphone will start calculating internet data usage on your cellphone on June 10, until July 10 (one month).

Well, if in that time period it turns out that you have used 2GB of internet. Then the “Data Usage Warning” notification will appear in the notification. The goal is to remind you that you have used up 2GB of quota during the time period starting september.

How to Set Data Usage Warning Notifications

After knowing what the data usage warning notification means, you will now have two choices. The first is to adjust and adjust to the amount of quota you have, and set the quota purchase cycle if you plan to keep using it. Or secondly, you can get rid of the cellular data usage warning if it turns out you don’t need it.

Now here are the steps to do the settings.

 1. Open the settings menu on your cellphone, then select “Network & Internet” or “Connection” (depending on your cellphone type).

 2. Then, select the “data usage” aka “data usage” section.

 3. In this section, a large blue message will appear, along with numbers that indicate the internet usage that we have used.

 4. To change the settings, just click the big bar. Later it will immediately display a menu to change the internet usage warning limit. In this example, I will change the number to 5 GB. But remember, you can adjust this number to the amount of monthly quota you have, right?

 5. After you click Set alias Set, the cellphone will again display the amount of data usage that we have used. Pay attention to the date too. If it turns out that the date does not match the date of the quota purchase that you have made. Then you must follow the next step.

 6. Pay attention! For cellphones with Android version 8 or below. Please click the mobile data usage menu, aka mobile data usage, just like the picture below. OR, if it turns out that your cellphone is using Android version 9 or above, then you can directly click the “Warning & Quota Limit” option, and you can skip to step number 8.

 7. Select the gear icon

 8. From here, click on the data usage cycle menu, aka billing cycle, and change it according to the date you purchased your quota. Done!

How to Remove Data Usage Warning

The tutorial above is a step to change data usage warning settings, IF you want to really take advantage of it. But if it turns out that you just want to get rid of it. Then you can follow the steps above, by skipping steps 4 and 5.

Now, after arriving at step number 8, then you can immediately turn off the “apply data warning” option aka “set data warning”.

OK!!! The data usage alert problem has also been resolved. This method can be applied to all Android phones from various brands. Whether it’s Samsung, ASUS, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, POCO, Realme, Infinix, and so on. It’s just that maybe the appearance and writing is a little different. So you just have to adjust it. You can also see tutorials in the form of videos that I have uploaded on my channel.

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