Deficiency and Advantages Of Iphone

Deficiency and advantages

Deficiency and advantages of iphone-When asked about timeless gadgets, many of you will definitely answer the iPhone. Because yes, this Apple mobile phone brand is what it is. No matter what series, there are always many who like it.

For example, the iPhone 11. Even though this phone was releas in 2019, it is still being sought after. Of course so, because the advantages it has are very interesting.

Are you an iPhone fan who is looking for an iPhone 11 to replace your old iPhone? First, identify some of the deficiency and advantagesof this smart phone. So that when you buy it, you already know everything. Here is the explanation.

Advantages of iPhone Compared to Android Phones

Deficiency and advantages

Before discussing the deficiency and advantages  , it is worth mentioning the advantages of the iPhone compared to other mobile phones. So this is the advantage of iPhone compared to Android.

1. Elegant and Exclusive Impression

It is undeniable that many iPhone users choose to use this cellphone made by Apple because of its elegant and exclusive impression. This is probably because the price tends to be higher than Android phones.

In addition, the iPhone design, according to the skipper, is really cool. In addition, the branding that was created cannot be abandoned. Surely those of you who have Apple products want the Bitten Apple logo to look the same as other people.

Even the old series like the iPhone 5 or 6/6s are still being hunted because of the design and logo bearing the bitten apple emblazoned on the back.

2. Good Used Selling Price

As the skipper mention earlier, the old products made by Apple are still being hunted, therefore, the selling price of the second hand or second hand is automatically stable. Indeed, the iPhone is an ideal cellphone, in terms of design, style, and performance.

If someone gets a used iPhone but at a price cheaper than the secondhand iPhone market, that person must be very lucky, especially when it’s still in very good condition. Hunting for a used iPhone can be a pleasure in itself.

3. Good Protection When Your iPhone Is Lost

Who want their iPhone to be lost? The we is sure that no one ever wants to. But no one ever knows, including the loss of an iPhone . To maintain the security of the data on your iPhone, Apple provides protection for your cellphone through Apple ID. Even better, you can track your loss by using this feature. Apart from that, you can also control your iPhone remotely.

4. Siri Features

One of the advantages of the iPhone compared to other cellphones that are quite well known to the general public is the Siri feature. This feature allows users to command to search for certain information. In addition, Siri is designed to detect voice commands. Actually Google has created this technology, but Apple has offered this technology first popular.

5. Selected Applications in the App Store

The advantage of the iPhone compared to other cellphones is the selection of software or applications in the App Store. Maybe for some people this can be a drawback.

However, the applications that you find in the App Store are quality applications and are far from malware and viruses.

6. Safe from Malware and Virus Threats

It is common knowledge that Apple products are very rarely susceptible to viruses and malware. Starting from the MacBook, iMac, and iPhone have operating systems that are very difficult to get malware.

This is thanks to the strict selection of applications available in the App Store. In addition, the iPhone is equipp with a very good protection system.

7. Accountable Durability

Another advantage of the iPhone is its durability. This can be prove with a longer period of use when compared to Android phones.

This durability is not only in the system but also physically. Apple has designed it as a product that is durable from the inside to the outside. Yes, it’s worth the price.

8. Very Classy Design

Many people underestimate the design, and some they say that function is more important. Because, sometimes, design is also important in all aspects of consumer products.

What’s the point of a designer if the design of a product is not important. Well, the iPhone has a simple and cool design.

9. Completely Sold Accessories

Another advantage of the iPhone is that it is easy to find accessories even if your iPhone is the latest version. In addition, in Indonesia there are authoriz dealers specifically for Apple products such as the iBox and iStore.

Usually the two stores sell complete iPhone accessories. In addition, because the demand for the iPhone is still large, many stores that are not authorized iPhone dealers sell accessories for the iPhone.

12. Best Fingerprint Protection System Ever

Before the appearance of the iPhone X which did not have a button, the iPhone had a button that also became a fingerprint sensor. This fingerprint sensor can be said to be the best because of its tight protection and also the sensor is very good. Likewise, the face sensor, which first appeared on the iPhone X series, is the best ever.

Deficiency of iPhone Compared to Android Phones

The name is also a product, although it has a myriad of advantages, the iPhone also has drawbacks which are the reason many people prefer Android. Let’s discuss the shortcomings of the iPhone in this article about the deficiency and advantages of the iPhone

1. The price is more expensive

Apple products, including the iPhone are known to have a fairly expensive price compar to Android. Even with HP specifications that are not much different.

The reason iPhone is expensive as we have explained above. Because the iPhone has a high standard of quality, it also has adequate after-sales service. Such as regular OS updates and device components and systems made by Apple itself.

2. Small Battery Capacity

Then the iPhone also still has a relatively small battery capacity. Currently, Android phones are always developing battery capacity.

So that currently the average output of the latest Android cellphones already carries a battery capacity of more than 5,000 mAH. While the current iPhone product still carries the battery underneath. Or about 3,000 to 5,000 mAH only. Because of the small battery capacity, of course, you can’t use this smartphone too often.

3. Can’t Change UI

On Android, you can customize the UI or User Interface as you wish. There are even lots of theme apps that you can use to customize your Android UI.

But on the iPhone, you can’t change the UI, which makes it look monotonous. Unless there is an OS version update, then you will get a UI update.

4. Permanent iPhone Email

Then the Email that you integrate on your iPhone usually can’t be permanently delet or replac.

Whereas on Android, you can remove your Email account or even log in to multiple Emails at once in one device.

5. Application Size Sometimes Too Big

In terms of applications, actually the iPhone also has quite a lot of weaknesses. One of them is that the downloaded application has a size that is too large. This of course can make the memory capacity on the iPhone you use full quickly. In addition, the choice of free applications on the iPhone is also not as complete as on Android.

6. Can’t Use Memory Card

The last weakness of the iPhone is that it does not have a memory card slot. Plus the size of the iPhone’s capacity is quite small, making it unable to install many applications. For those who are us to using Android, of course this will be an important consideration. Because usually on Android, you can save a lot of files and install any application.

So much information that we can convey about the deficiency and advantages of iphone.

In conclusion, both of these devices have their own deficiency and advantages. Therefore, first understand the characteristics of these two types of smartphones before buying them.

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