Digital Health Technology Embedded in Apple Watch

Digital Health Technology

Digital Health Technology : Apple released a report related to health technology that has developed rapidly in recent years. The Cupertino-based tech giant also outlined Apple Watch’s strategy in the digital health market.

Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams spearheaded the release of the report, the first time Apple has offered an in-depth look at its approach to the healthcare market.

Apple is included as one of the players in the health technology industry since eight years ago. Its first feature is the storage of medical records via its smart phone, the iPhone.

The report collaborates with well-known institutions such as the Stanford University School of Medicine so that the study is in accordance with medical rules and can reach a large number of users of health technology devices.

The target for this research is dominated by Apple Watch users, devices with special sensors are useful for monitoring many things, including heart health to monitoring sports activities.

Some interesting findings from the study include many users who have received notifications related to irregular heartbeats.
Health Report on Apple Watch

The device also seems to have helped quite a few users get first aid when the user suddenly fell. when the user falls suddenly, the help comes by calling the emergency contact that has been entered into the Apple Watch.

In particular, Apple said that currently its health technology has a system that can store 150 different types of health data. The data is encrypted so that the user is guaranteed to be safe from data theft and only he can access it.

Health workers who advise their patients to use Apple Watch to monitor their health, apparently found the fact that after receiving monitoring from the results of the Apple Watch, the patient’s health level improved at the next visit.

With these positive results, Apple is determined to develop more health features for its users and pave the way for the healthcare industry to be more optimized with technology and save more lives.

“Our vision for the future is to continue to create science-based technologies that equip people’s lives with more information. We will also take on the role of taking better care of users’ health so that users don’t have to walk alone to take care of their health.”

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