Disadvantages and Advantages of iPhone Compared to Android

Disadvantages and Advantages of iPhone

Disadvantages and Advantages of iPhone Compared to Android, Iphone Strengths and Disadvantages: The iPhone, along with Android, are the two largest smartphone platforms in the world, primarily targeting the luxury market. iPhone has generated huge profits for Apple, making it one of the most valuable publicly traded companies in the world.

The first-generation iPhone was seen as a “revolutionary” and “game changer” for the mobile phone industry, and subsequent iPhone models were also lauded. iPhone is considered to be the brand that popularized flat-shaped smartphones and created a huge market for smartphone apps, otherwise known as the “app economy”.

Disadvantages and Advantages of iPhone Compared to Android Phones

Currently, there are two types of the best smartphones that continue to compete to improve their respective performance. Smartphones we mean iPhone and Android. Actually, the iPhone and Android have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Whether it’s in terms of systems, components, performance to price issues. Will explain the advantages and disadvantages of iPhone compared to Android. For those of you who are confused about determining, you can read first.

Disadvantages of iPhone from Android

The advantages of the iPhone are indeed many, but that does not mean that there are no shortages of the iPhone. The following are the disadvantages of the iPhone compared to Android phones:

1. The price is expensive

iPhone does have a special segment, namely the upper middle class. The iPhone cellphone is also classified as a flagship class, so the performance and quality is comparable to a premium class Android cellphone. With the same specifications, you can buy an Android phone at a price 2 or 3 times cheaper.

The high quality of the product makes it worthy of being the most expensive cellphone in the world. Moreover, the highest and latest iPhone specifications are often sold above Rp. 20 million. iPhone gives its own prestige to its owner. Using the iPhone can make users more confident. So that people who use the iPhone will feel proud because not many people can have it.

2. iOS Appearance Can’t Be Customized

The iOS interface cannot be customized so it tends to be monotonous. iPhone users can’t be free to tinker with the UI like Android. For example, you cannot create a blank Home Screen from the application menu icon. In addition, the selection of widgets is also limited and there are not many additional themes that can be installed.

For some people, especially iPhone lovers, they definitely don’t mind the lack of this iPhone. But for users who are used to Android, the iPhone display feels very boring. Plus, I’ve been using it for too long.

3. Small Battery Capacity

The downside of the iPhone hasn’t changed much is its battery capacity. For example, the latest type of iPhone, the iPhone 13 Pro, has a battery capacity of 3095 mAh, much smaller than the average 5000 mAh battery for Android phones. The capacity has not increased much.

Imagine, the iPhone 11 Pro has a battery capacity of 3046 mAh, the additional capacity is not much different from the previous 2 series. Fast Charging capability is also only 23W. Meanwhile, Android phones are equipped with a 67W Fast Charging feature.

4. Less Innovative Design and Specifications

Since the iPhone 11, iPhone design and specifications have tended to stagnate. It can be seen from the specifications of the iPhone 13, or the latest 2 series above the iPhone 11. The striking difference from the iPhone 13 compared to 11 is only in the chipset and the size of the bangs. Meanwhile, the camera resolution, battery capacity, screen area, and resolution are not much different.

The small bangs design on the iPhone 13 has been left behind by Android phones since 2018. Here you can see that the 2021 iPhone front face design is far behind from Android phones. The rear display hasn’t changed much since the iPhone 11.

Advantages of iPhone over Android

1. Build Quality is Good

The main advantage of the iPhone is that it has high quality. Each product is made with high quality standards so that product defects are rarely found. In addition, the appearance of the product looks premium and iconic so that it is easily recognized by many people.

Not only that, the product packaging from accessories and boxes has a premium feel. No wonder the price of the iPhone is quite expensive because it takes a lot of money to maintain product quality. In addition, a new series is released once a year to maintain its exclusive impression.

2. Smooth and Fast Performance

The Apple Bionic chipset used by the iPhone has a very fast performance. Its performance is not inferior to the fastest chipset used by Android. For example, the Apple A15 Bionic chipset on the iPhone 13 Pro Max has performance equivalent to Snapdragon 888 on the fastest Android gaming cellphone, Red Magic 6.

Besides being supported by a fast chipset, the iPhone also has a super smooth iOS operating system. The combination of chipset, RAM, hardware, and iOS ensures smooth performance. The advantages of iPhone performance have been proven and can be used for years to remain stable.

3. iOS Always Up to Date

Continuous operating system support for years is an iPhone advantage. Through this iOS operating system update, old users can still enjoy new features and better security. Apple does routinely roll out updates not only to the latest iPhone types, but also older iPhone series.

iOS is also the most secure and stable operating system. This operating system is only used on the iPhone, so it is more exclusive. iOS security vulnerabilities are regularly fixed by Apple. Therefore, the iPhone is widely used by the upper middle class segment who need a safe cellphone for business.

The advantages of the iPhone on iOS are very different from Android. Updating the Android operating system is the job of the vendors. If you buy an Android phone from a brand that is lazy to update the OS, then to taste the new features and better security, you have to buy a new cellphone.

4. Safer

The number of applications provided by the iOS App Store is less than the Android Play Store. The reason is because Apple is more selective in choosing applications that can be downloaded and installed on its products. The advantages of the iPhone which is quite striking is from its security.

To install applications on the iPhone can only through the App Store. Even if you can install applications outside the App Store, you have to use third party applications. Different from Android, it has provided an option to install applications outside the Play Store without installing third parties.

The one-stop download system from the App Store is supported by continuous monitoring to prevent the entry of viruses or malware. Meanwhile, Android users are more susceptible to viruses and malware because they can install applications outside the Play Store.

5. Better Camera Results

One of the advantages of the iPhone is in the camera. The quality of photos and videos is always a concern every time the latest iPhone series is released. The camera has always been noticed by Apple. Not only sophisticated hardware, the iPhone camera is also supported by innovative additional features.

Although not relying on a large resolution, the iPhone camera has the same quality as an Android cellphone with a high resolution. The resulting photos and videos are perfect for posting on social media. The quality is sharp and the low light is quite good. Camera stability when recording video is also stable so it looks like it was recorded with a professional camera.

6. Selling Price of Used iPhone is High

If the condition is still in good condition, a used iPhone can be sold more expensive than a used Android phone. A used iPhone with flawless quality can increase its selling price. Buyers are willing to spend more money because they believe the iPhone’s performance is still good even though it is in used condition.

The reason is because of the continuous support for iOS updates so that even if you buy a used iPhone, you can still taste the new features. Security guarantees are also maintained because Apple continues to patch loopholes or bugs in the previous iOS series.

Those are the disadvantages and advantages of iPhone compared to Android phones. The advantages of the iPhone are more than the disadvantages of the iPhone. But the lack of the iPhone is quite vital. Monotonous specifications and designs make many iPhone users think again about upgrading to the latest series.

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