Exercise Gadgets For the Busy Traveler – The Best Exercise Equipment to Pack When You’re on the Road

Exercise Gadgets


Here are lightweight, easy to pack exercise gadgets for those who want to travel light but wish to exercise on the road too.

1. Trainers and gym clothes
When traveling you might want to invest in quick dry gym clothes. And these days, there are many gym clothes which look like day wear so you can wear them during casual moments on your business trip as well. That includes black leggings, t-shirts that double as casual day wear and smart trainers.

2. Resistance bands
These are like giant elastic bands. The workout possibilities are endless. For example, you can stand on the band and perform bicep curls, or you can wrap it around a pole for some upright chest presses or upright rows)

3. Water-filled dumbbells
Dumb bells which you fill with water. The great thing is that they are collapsible and light to they are easy to pack. And you can fill it up with as much water as you can handle. Some dumb bells can even be filled up to 16 pounds.

4. Jump rope
Jumping rope may feel like a kid’s game, but if boxers are still using skipping ropes after all these years of modern training techniques, you know it’s an extremely effective form of exercise and easy to do in your own hotel room.

5. Exercise DVD or podcast
Download a couple of exercise podcast onto your laptop and it is like having a personal trainer! If you can access the internet in your hotel room, you can also workout to a YouTube video. I like the YouTube workouts by Tracy Anderson (trainer to Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow) as she keeps things moving with lots of variety. Another recommendation is the Billy Blanks Ab Bootcamp which helps release stress and aggression.

6. Yoga Mat
Again, download a yoga routine from the internet or bring along a yoga DVD for best results.

7. Pedometer
A pedometer is a matchbox-sized device that you clip to your waistband or belt. It senses your movements and counts the number of steps you have taken. Some models only count your steps. Other pedometers often far more sophistication with clocks, timers, calorie estimates, pulse rate readers or information storage. Picking a simple but robust model is perfectly fine. The key is to set goals and keep to them. The recommended step count for beginners is 6,000 but try to work up to 10,000 steps. When you first check into your hotel room, why not take a quick walk around the block. Not only will you get your heartbeat up and stretch out your limbs after a cramped plane or car journey, but you can check out the local sights and get a feel for the people and culture.

8. Energetic, inspiring music
You would be surprised what a difference music can make to the intensity of your exercise routine. No matter what your music tastes, there is nothing like a rousing, hard-pumping music track to get your adrenaline pumping and clear ‘all the stuff’ out of your mind after a busy day of meetings.

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