EZVIZ C6 Smart Security Camera for Indoors

EZVIZ C6 Smart

EZVIZ C6 Smart : EZVIZ has launched a security camera again. The latest product, EZVIZ C6, comes with a series of smart features thanks to the support of artificial intelligence or AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Features of EZVIZ C6

EZVIZ C6 comes with a round shape. The bottom of the body is made flat. So, it can be easily placed on all flat areas. This security camera is also specially designed for indoor use.

To capture images, the EZVIZ C6 is equipped with a 1/3-inch CMOS sensor that can produce images at resolutions up to 2K + 2560 × 1440 pixels at 25fps. This security camera also carries a wide-angle lens that supports pan movement up to 353 degrees and tilt up to 133 degrees. That way the lens can capture panoramic images up to 360 degrees.

The main feature of the EZVIZ C6 is the artificial intelligence support. This camera can detect human and animal objects. So, the EZVIZ C6 can capture and follow the movements of humans or animals. Then, send a notification to your phone. The EZVIZ C6 can also recognize gestures such as the wave of a hand to initiate a video call and detect voice activity.

Other features EZVIZ C6 supports the Night Vision feature, equipped with dual microphones, Dual Band WiFi, Camera cover to protect privacy and Auto Zoom. This security camera also supports the use of microSD memory cards up to 256GB capacity.
Price EZVIZ C6

The EZVIZ C6 retails for around US$129.99. There is no further information when this product will be available in Indonesia.

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