Frequent Cell Phone Damage

Frequent Cell Phone Damage

Frequent Cell Phone Damage, Understanding damage or problems with cellphones can help us more easily find ways to overcome them and find solutions. The types of cellphone damage can also vary, ranging from problems with connectivity, applications, display, security and various other damage problems.

Frequent Cell Phone Damage

 1. WaterDamage

Using a cell phone all the time in daily activities makes various accidents happen. One of them is when the cellphone is exposed to water, especially when it is submerged in liquid. Even though most cellphones now have waterproof protection.

Actually there is a water resistance limit that varies for each type of cellphone.To check whether the cellphone you are using is affected by being exposed to water, there is a Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI) in the cellphone section.

 2. Battery Problems

The battery is the lifeblood of a cellphone and is a common problem that is experienced when the gadget has been used for a long time. There are two battery problems that often occur. The first is a battery that runs out quickly, usually caused by battery age which makes its capacity decrease.

The second is the condition that the cellphone cannot be charged or charged. Both of these problems can be solved by changing parts of the phone. If the battery runs out quickly, you can try replacing it with a new battery.

 3. The cellphone does not make a sound

Want to listen to music, have turned up the volume at the loudest but there is no sound? Problems with sound output on cellphones can be caused by software or hardware problems. Sound output from the phone can be through the speakers and audio jack.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to check the cellphone settings. Make sure the cellphone is not in don’t disturb mode and there are no applications that are causing the speaker to not function normally.

 4. SIM or Memory Card Error

Another essential factor in using a cell phone is connectivity. One of them is via a card slot which generally contains an SD/memory card and a SIM card. This problem often occurs not because of a faulty phone.

When the network is unreadable, make sure you are in a location that is reachable by the operator of your choice. For SD cards that are not detected by mobile phones, check again if your memory card is working properly on other gadgets.

 5. Button Not Working

Currently the majority of mobile phones rely on touch screens as the main means of using it. The buttons provided are increasingly minimalist, only 3-5 buttons to adjust the volume and lock screen or turn off the cellphone. Of course, this button must be ensured to function properly.

Buttons that don’t work properly can be caused by glitches or problems with the software. If you experience this problem, try to overcome it by means of a soft reboot or using a third party application that can help overcome the glitching that occurs.

 6. Overheats

The three main components that generate heat in mobile phones are the CPU, battery and screen. It’s normal for overheating to last for a while, especially while charging.

But if it continues for a long time and gets hotter, you need to turn off the phone and remove it from the casing. These problems arise due to software, excessive pressure on the phone or hardware errors. Liquid getting into the gadget can also be a reason.

 7. Broken camera

One of the main advantages that a mobile phone boasts is the quality of the camera. Currently, one cell phone consists of several cameras and flash lights. When one part of the camera is not working properly, you need to do some checking.

The first is to make sure the application you are using supports your camera and flash. Some shooting modes cannot turn on the flash, for example, like in time lapse mode. Using flash for too long can also cause overheating of the camera and make it unusable for a while.

Second, you can check if there are cracked parts, especially after an impact on the cellphone. If parts of your camera are cracked to the point that they don’t work, this is a sign that there is an issue with the camera internals and should be taken in for repair.

One way to make your cellphone last longer is to use it carefully and carefully. But it cannot be denied, the performance of cellphones will definitely decrease with age. Those are frequent cell phone damage.

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