From The Smart Phone To The Smart Car Audio Console

From The Smart Phone

From The Smart Phone : We’ve seen a drastic boost in technologies in the last few years, with the iPod taking over the world and then the smart phone. Now it’s the smart consoles turn to revolutionize the way we use entertainment. The so-called smart Console, named the Parrot Asteroid was released in early January and is one of the first car stereos to have internet capabilities, allowing you to search online for any song you wish to play.

The Parrot Asteroid was unveiled to the world at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas and has caused much excitement on the car audio scene as the first of its kind to search online and through your iPod via voice activated control. The Android uses Google’s Android software, enabling this smart car audio system to find more music sources and media than ever before!

The Android is voice activated, allowing you to state the artist you want via voice command. It then searches through your iPod for the artist requested and then looks online at streaming sites such as Spotify. Enabling you to play songs of your choosing from wherever you want. Of course for the stereo to search online, you’ll need to a 3G dongle to access the internet.

The Parrot Asteroid is set to take in-car entertainment to a new level.

As it changes the way we use our car audio stereos for good. Already like its counterpart the Smart Phone, Apps have been developed for the Asteroid. For instance there is an App for Parrot Apps, which allows you to zoom in on locations. Although there is only a few Apps, developers believe Apps for the car could be a big market as. There are thousands of applications for Apps in the car, from locating directions to locating parking spaces available.

French Manufacturer’s Parrot are set to release their Parrot Asteroid in the next few weeks in Europe. Whilst a launch in America is set for a later date. The Parrot Asteroid will be able to perform the usual tasks, from playing music from IPods/USB, to providing services such as traffic information and maps. Prices are as yet unknown but rumors allege that to compete with the rest of the market. That this gadget will be available at the normal car audio price range.

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