Gamen Cooler Siberia Review

Gamen Cooler

For those of you who like to play heavy games for a long time on smartphones, the temperature produced by smartphones now makes us have to use additional coolers so that the smartphone doesn’t overheat and its performance lasts longer. If you are looking for a cooler with refrigerator technology, but the budget is tight, this could be an option for you. Introducing, this is a cooler peltier from Gamen, Gamen Cooler Siberia.

For those who are not familiar with the Gamen brand, this brand is a specialist in gaming peripheral products. In this discussion, we will test their newest cooler which is relatively affordable, the Gamen Cooler Siberia.

Main Specifications

  • Technology: Peltier, this is a cooling technology commonly used in refrigerators or small dispensers.
  • Weight: 75 Gram
  • Charger: USB-C with a minimum power of 5V 2A
    There are two USB-C ports here. At first we thought it could be plugged in both for greater cooling capabilities. Apparently not, if you want 1 port or 2 ports, the cooling capability is the same, it’s more for flexibility of use.
  • LED: RGB Lighting that automatically turns on when the cooler is turned on.
  • Thermal Pad: no, the cooling plate uses iron, so this iron will stick directly to the smartphone and cool the body.
  • There is 1 button for on or off here. This cooler has several modes: 1x press it will enter level 1 mode, 2x press it will enter level 2 mode, 3x press it will enter level 3 or the fastest cooling mode. This mode change can be heard from the fan noise as well. If you press it again, it will enter the off mode.

General things that must be understood for Peltier cooler models like this. And this applies to all types of Peltier coolers:

  • The Peltier element used by this kind of cooler can indeed be cold on the side facing our cellphone. But, actually on the other hand, the Peltier element will get very hot. This makes the fan very important.
  • The effectiveness of cooling will also depend on the room temperature.
    Using a cooler like this is mandatory in a cold room. It is not recommended to use it outdoors when the weather is very hot or hot.
  • The back material of the body will have an effect, because good heat conductivity will make the cooler more effective.
  • The contour of the back cover also affects the cooling effectiveness. Because, the more surface area in contact, the better.
  • This kind of cooler will always need a strong power source. A charger or at least a good power bank, must be used.
  • If someone talks about fear of condensation, actually this cooler is safe. As long as you use it in an active condition. If it’s inactive, there’s no heat to dissipate, resulting in excessive cold.
  • So, finished gaming, don’t forget to turn off this Peltier model cooler.

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