Get Your Smartphone Smartly Hooked Up To You Car

Get Your Smartphone Smartly

Get Your Smartphone Smartly  : Always losing your smart phone in your car? Or just sick of your smartphone being unreachable when you need it the most? Or perhaps, you want to use it but cannot due to it living in your bag? There are a number of ways you can use your smartphone in your car to its optimum and at the keep it tidy and within reach.

Update Your Car Stereo:

To compete with the navigational capabilities of smartphones, car audio companies are to release car stereo systems that integrate with smart phones. This will enable you to hook your smart phone and receive traffic information, social media updates. And directions etc through the audio speakers in your stereo system. You can also search for what you want, i.e. music, using voice activation. So that you are never distracted by your smart phone on the road. Get Your Smartphone Smartly

These new improved stereos are set to be on the market for 2011. Each has different capabilities, from online music search functions to economic route functions. Which bases its route decisions on what is more fuel efficient. These top of the range car audio systems are to arrive in 2011 from top brands, Clarion, Kenwood, Alpine and JVC. Check out 2011’s Consumer Electronics Show website for more information on these brands and technologies.

Purchase A Smartphone Steering Wheel Mount:

Not only these days can you mount your phone using a handsfree kit, but using a wheel mount, which clips your smart to your wheel so it is viewable. The mount has resizable edges that grip the bottom and top of your phone, leaving it snug and secure in its mount. When this gadget was reviewed, it was found that it became most useful for GPS usage, but had many cons.

The problem is that it can block your view of the speedometer. When positioned vertically at 90 degrees and glare from the phone can distract you. This gadget is thus, probably best used for GPS on darker days (when there is hardly any glare) at a different angle if it blocks your speedometers view.

You can also besides these two options, purchase handsfree. Kits for your smart phone or Parrot Bluetooth kits that will hook up your smartphone to your car stereo.

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