Google Launches Android 12L, New OS Access Device

Google Launches

Google Launches : Google officially launched the Android 12L operating system (OS), this is a new version of the Android 12 OS that focuses on upgrading for folding screen devices and tablets.

Adapted from XDA Developers, after months of beta testing, Android 12L is now rolling out to supported Pixel devices as a start.

Android 12L introduces a two-column layout and other large screen device optimizations across the system and core apps, most importantly in the settings/notifications panel.

Google Launches There’s also a taskbar for large-screen devices, which functions similarly to the taskbar on Chrome OS and Windows, and a dock on macOS.

You can tap an app to open it, or drag an icon to one side of the screen to open it in split screen mode.

The split-screen mode itself has also been updated, with more pronounced dividing lines, similar to those that have been available on Samsung’s One UI and other third-party skins for a while.

There are some other useful changes too, like a mailbox for the portrait-only app on tablets and a new gesture for notifications.

Google says the final release of Android 12L will arrive sometime after February, and other reports indicate it will appear before the end of the first quarter of 2022.

Android 12L is now rolling out to most currently supported Pixel phones as a March Drop feature. Google says that the releases for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will arrive later this month.

Here’s a list of devices that got the Android 12L OS for the first time:

1. Google Pixel 3a

2. Google Pixel 3a XL

3. Google Pixel 4

4. Google Pixel 4 XL

5. Google Pixel 4a

6. Google Pixel 4a 5G

7. Google Pixel 5

8. Google Pixel 5a

9. Google Pixel 6

10. Google Pixel 6 Pro

“Starting later this year, we will bring 12L to your favorite tablets and foldable devices with updates for Samsung, Lenovo and Microsoft. And we will continue to create more features and functions to help you get the most out of larger screen devices on Android 13 and up.

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