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Apple Watch After a long absence, Google Maps will be back on the Apple Watch. In the next few weeks, Google will roll out an app update for Apple devices. Launching from Engadget, Google Maps suddenly disappeared three years ago from the Apple Watch. The same goes for other apps, including Amazon, eBay, and Target.

Although it is unclear why the application was removed from the. However, at that time, Apple was developing its digital map service, namely Apple Maps. The last time Google Maps was on the Apple Watch was in 2017. This time, Maps will be a standalone app that will be available on the Apple Watch app store with a slight iteration change, when iPhone users have to download the iOS Google Maps app and use it as an additional extension on the Apple watch. that.

Google Maps has also added a split-screen feature for Apple CarPlay so drivers can see directions on one side of the screen, and music, podcasts, and calendars on the other. Can do anything with Google Maps without the need to switch to Apple Maps.

Bad History of Apple Maps

Apple Maps has had a poor history of providing directions to its users, since it was first launched in 2012. Not infrequently, many drivers take the wrong road or address because they follow the directions for the digital map application made by Apple.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, even had to step in and apologize about the problems experienced by Apple Maps. He was forced to recommend another digital map application, while improving the Apple Maps service. Apple has poured a lot of money to improve its digital map service. At least Apple has invested billions of US dollars or trillions in order to compete with its competitor Google Maps.

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