Google Pixel Tablet is predicted to only support 64 bit Android

Google Pixel
Google is informed that it will launch its own tablet with the name Pixel Tablet. This device is said to only have 64-bit support from the Android operating system.

Google officially announced the Pixel Tablet at its annual developer conference on May 11, 2022. However, until now the details about the upcoming tablet are still very few.

We know that this device will be released in 2023 and will be equipped with a Tensor chip. Now, some new information regarding the tablet has surfaced online. The upcoming Pixel Tablet may debut with a 64-bit version of Android 13 only.

According to a recent tweet by Mishaal Rahman, Google is testing a 64 bit version of Android 13 for devices called “Tango”, which is said to be the codename for the Pixel tablets. Reporting from Gizmochina (18/8), the lack of 32-bit support will definitely reduce RAM usage, which is very good news.

But the drawback that will be felt by users is that they will no longer be able to run 32-bit applications. But, this shouldn’t be a big problem as most of the apps in the Play Store should support 64 bit due to Google’s 2019 mandate.

Keep in mind that Apple moved to a 64-bit only architecture for iOS in 2017. If the Pixel Tablet shipped with only the 64-bit version of Android 13, it would be one of the first Android devices to do so.

As mentioned, the Google Pixel tablet is expected to launch in 2023. Since there is still almost a year to launch, we can expect it to be powered by a Tensor 2 or 3 chipset. It will likely run the latest version of Android. The device may also have support for a stylus.

Furthermore, it is also said that the Pixel Tablet will not support 4K video recording. The tablet will also not support many of the photo and video features found on the Pixel 6 series phones.

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