Here’s how to check the Samsung screen is shadowed or not

Here's how to check

Here’s how to check : How to check the Samsung screen to find out if it’s shadow or not, apparently can be done easily. Shadow screen itself can be interpreted as the condition of the cellphone screen that changes color. Actually, this shadow screen incident does not only occur on Samsung cellphones, but also occurs on other devices.

In this condition, there are two characteristics that indicate Samsung devices are experiencing screen shadows. First, if the device screen displays a white color, what is visible is a yellowish color. Meanwhile, when the screen displays red, it will appear orange. If you find some of these two characteristics, you can be sure that the device screen is shadowed

The appearance of shadow symptoms on the Samsung screen usually occurs due to several things. One of them is the use of the same color intensity for a long time on the LCD. So, how do you check the Samsung screen to make sure it is shadowed or not? Compiled from various sources, here are the reviews:

1. Use Samsung Secret Codes

Just like other developers, Samsung also has various secret codes on the devices it makes. In this case, Samsung also has a feature to check the condition of the screen of its device.

Here are the steps: -First, type the code #0# on the dial up menu of the Samsung device.

-Next, the display will automatically switch to check the samsung screen.

-After that, try one by one the available buttons. From the Red, Green, and Blue options. In this case, when the screen is in normal condition, the displayed color will match the selected one. -If the colors that appear do not match, then the device screen is definitely exposed to shadow. -Done.

2. Use Support Applications

Users can download an application on the Play Store to make sure the screen is shadowed or not. You can choose it yourself and download it for free. Some examples of applications are Screen Test, Display Tester, and many others.

The method is quite easy, just download the application and install it on the device. Next, just follow the instructions in detail and make sure no steps are skipped.

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