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Highlights of the

Highlights of the : Apple ended the month of October by releasing a line of gadgets, one of which is the 2018 iPad Pro, which is the successor of the iPad Pro line. There are significant design updates as well as a series of new specifications and features that make gadget lovers tempted to have this sophisticated tablet.

Here are the advantages of the latest 2018 iPad Pro, the most sophisticated and intelligent tablet below.

Elegant Thin Design

The iPad Pro has finally entered the bezel-less gadget industry, just like the top line of smartphones, including the iPhone. Now, the iPad Pro carries two size variants, namely 10.5 inches and 12.9 inches. Both will feel full of the screen. The screen panel carries an LCD with Liquid Retina Display technology like that carried by the iPhone XR.

With these thin bezels, there’s no more room for the home button and Touch ID. The biometric system has finally fallen to Face ID, which has been the default on iPhones for the past two years.

On the back, there is aluminum with a matte finish which still makes the grip on this tablet feel comfortable. The absence of a touch of glass on the back (which is always carried by the iPhone) makes this tablet will not be fingerprinted and not slippery.

iOS 12 software

iOS 12 on the iPad Pro is immediately visible in the use of gesture navigation on the interface page. This certainly makes the feeling of using an iPad now resembles an iPhone with a swipe-up method to go to the App Dock and multitask tabs.

iPad also features Split View and Slide Over for easier multitasking. What’s more, now there is a bigger screen so that not only 2, 3 applications at once there is no problem.

Most Powerful Hardware

Like the latest iPhone XS line, the iPad Pro carries the latest A12X Bionic processor. The difference is, the processor carried by the iPad has an 8-core CPU and a 7-core graphics card. This composition makes single-task performance up 35 percent from the previous, and multi-task up 90 percent. Apple claims the iPad Pro’s graphics will be on par with the Xbox One S.

Even in the launch there is a demonstration to open Adobe Photoshop on stage and work seamlessly.

In addition to the matter of the kitchen runway, now USB-C will replace the Lightning port commonly used by Apple. The more universal use of USB-C certainly opens up options for a wider variety of third-party accessories. In addition, connectivity will be more promising, such as to external monitors and pro gadgets such as cameras.

Regarding internal memory, there are 4 variants, namely 64GB, 256GB, 512GB, and also 1TB.


Cameras on tablet devices are usually not very reliable. But Apple doesn’t want to be half-hearted by installing a 12MP camera with an aperture of f1.8. Of course, this camera is arguably good and certainly has better performance than mid-range smartphones.

This camera specification is supported by a series of software such as Smart HDR which is a new feature introduced on the iPhone XS and XR last month. In addition, the TrueDepth camera that accommodates Face ID is also capable of being used for Animoji and Memoji.

What distinguishes the iPad Pro version and other versions of course are accessories. In the latest iPad Pro, Apple Pencil is back and can now attach magnetically to the body of the iPad Pro. There are 102 small magnets scattered on the body of the iPad Pro so that this Apple Pencil can stick anywhere. In addition, when attached, Apple Pencil will charge so this stylus does need to be pasted.

Second, of course the Smart Keyboard, which makes your iPad experience similar to using a portable desktop computer. This keyboard will be directly attached magnetically to the body of the iPad and is very easy to use.

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