How to Automatically Create WhatsApp Links Without an Application

WhatsApp link is a link with a click-to-chat function, i.e. when the link is opened or clicked, the whatsapp application on the cellphone or whatsapp web version will automatically open to a new chat to the whatsapp number along with the message text that has been set by the whatsapp link maker.

This click to chat feature has technically been provided by WhatsApp officially via the deep linking URL and also

However, to make it, it must comply with the provided rules, such as a whatsapp number which must begin with the country code and a space in the message which must be converted into a code.

WhatsApp Generator Link 

You don’t need to bother making wa links manually, which must match the correct link formula because there is the easiest way to create wa links.

This method is to use the automatic whatsapp generator link web application provided by GadgetLogi so you don’t need to install any applications.

Just enter your whatsapp mobile number and message then click the Create button.

No. WA:


You can use this whatsapp link generator without the need to install an application on an Android cellphone, an iPhone cellphone and also a laptop.

You can copy the wa link that you have created to use in the bio for Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

Well, the whatsapp link that you have created can be used for the whatsapp application on mobile, whatsapp web version and whatsapp desktop version.

If you are still confused, you can watch the video guide “how to automatically create a whatsapp link without an application” on the GadgetLogi youtube channel

Good luck and hopefully useful.


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