How to Cancel Send Messages on Instagram that Have Been Sent

Have you ever sent the wrong Direct Message (DM) on Instagram so you want to cancel sending the message? if so, then you can follow the illustrated and video guide on how to cancel sending Instagram messages which GadgetLogi will discuss in this article.

Well, by using this method, you can delete messages that have been sent for a long time. Curious how? read this article to the end, yes.

Before starting the discussion, it’s a good idea to know about canceling messages on Instagram.

Canceling a message sent on Instagram means pulling the message that has been sent so that the message is deleted from the inbox (inbox) of the recipient of the message.

Well, the message pull feature on Instagram is very similar to the message drag feature on WhatsApp, so for those of you who are familiar with WA, of course, it will not be difficult to use this feature.

At a Glance About Delete Messages On Instagram

1. All messages in Instagram DMs have no time limit (expiration) to be deleted. So even though the message was sent a long time ago, for example an hour ago, one day ago and even a year ago, it can still be deleted from the recipient’s inbox.

2. If the recipient of the message has not read the message and you quickly delete it, the message notification on the recipient’s cellphone will also be deleted.

How To Unsend Messages On Instagram 

You can use this method on the Instagram application on an Android phone and also an iPhone because the interface of the two applications is very similar.

1. Open the Instagram application and please login first with your Instagram account.

2. Then on the Home / Home tab, click the Message / Direct Message (DM) button in the upper right corner of the screen.   3. Then find the person you’ve messaged and want to cancel. To find it faster, you can use the search feature by pressing the Search button at the top of the screen.

4. Next, please press and hold the message to be deleted until additional options appear then select the Unsend / Cancel Sending Message? option.

5. Then you will be asked to confirm that the message you deleted will be deleted from your Instagram inbox and also deleted in the recipient’s Instagram inbox. If you are sure, please press the Cancel Send button.

6. Finished.


If you are still confused, you can watch the video guide “how to cancel sending Instagram messages” on the GadgetLogi youtube channel

That’s the way you can do to withdraw messages that have been sent on Instagram for a long time.

Good luck and hopefully useful.

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