How to Charge a Smartphone Correctly

How to Charge a Smartphone

How to Charge a Smartphone-The battery is a vital component of the HP. Not a few cases of HP problems such as exploding caused by the battery. The battery is also vital because it is the backbone of whether or not a smartphone turns on. Therefore, it is not uncommon for most of you to buy a cellphone, the battery capacity factor is one of the main things to consider.

Because of that, many people want to choose a cellphone with a large capacity battery. Lately, some people are also looking for cellphones that already support fast charging technology. The goal is to get a cellphone with a durable battery quality. In fact, the battery on the cellphone is not about capacity and fast charging technology.

The basic thing about a battery that lasts or not is a matter of how to charge it. The popular language is crazy. No matter how large the battery capacity you use on your cellphone, if it is used incorrectly and in the charging process, the battery’s capacity will decrease and it will still be wasteful.

How to Charge a Smartphone Correctly

How to Charge a Smartphone

Therefore, it is important for you to know how to charge a smartphone. The goal, of course, is to keep your HP battery durable and its performance does not drop quickly. So, how exactly do you charge your phone properly? Here’s the explanation.

1. Using Original Charger

The first way  how to charge a smartphone is using original charger. Using the original charger is the best thing to charge your cellphone. The original or default charger has been arrang in such a way so that it can charge the cellphone battery properly. This is often ignor by people, especially when they are not carrying a charger so they borrow someone else’s charger.

Actually, the use of other chargers on HP is not too bad. It’s just that the USB charger you use will have a different performance, especially regarding the amperage. There are chargers that have a current of 2A and some have 1A. Of course this will make the charging process different, especially if your cellphone allows 2A current.

The safest thing is to use the original charger. The reason is, not a few chargers that have poor quality that can be fatal to the cellphone battery. If you forget to bring your default charger and borrow someone’s charger, pay attention to the quality of the charger by checking the voltage and amperage at the head of the charger.

2. Filling Not Up To 100%

Many people have the wrong idea about full charging. Some say if the battery is not fully charged and immediately unplugg, then it will reduce battery performance. Even though the most ideal HP charging is not when it is full or 100% but only about 80%.

So, for those of you who often play, unplug it when your cellphone has just been charged to 80% to 90%, you don’t have to worry about the battery being damag quickly. In fact, frequent overcharging on some smartphones has the potential to reduce battery life.

3. Charge before it’s completely gone

The next good way to charge your cellphone is to charge your cellphone when the cellphone’s power is not completely exhaust. That is, when the battery power is still in the 30% to 40% range, that’s the right time to charge the cellphone.

Don’t wait for the battery to run out or 0% to charge again. Doing this often will actually make the battery life decrease. Minimum power when charging should be around 20%. Often charging when the battery is 15% and below is not good for battery continuity.

4. Turning off the cellphone while charging

One of the best ways to charge your cellphone is to turn it off. It’s not too wrong when charging while the HP is on. It’s just that it would be better to charge the HP when the HP is off.

5. Lowering HP Screen Contrast

If you charge your cellphone while it’s on, it’s best if the HP screen contrast is not high. Why? Because the screen contrast is the main factor that makes the HP battery drain faster when used. Therefore, in order for the charging process to run well, you should lower the contrast of the HP screen.

6. Avoid Using Power Banks Too Often

Power bank is an electronic object that is often a traveling companion for many people. This thing is a savior when you want to stay connected to your cellphone when your cellphone’s battery is almost empty. Usually used when there are no plugs nearby, such as on a trip.

Using a power bank to charge cellphones is actually perfectly legal. Just don’t use it too often and use it when it’s urgent. Charging HP using a power bank continuously has the potential to reduce the life of the HP battery. In fact, it can make the HP battery drop. Especially if you use a fake power bank.

7. Avoid Charging Through the PC / Laptop USB port

Charging HP should be directly plugged into an electrical outlet or terminal. Do not charge the cellphone using the computer’s USB port. Actually it’s okay, as long as it’s really an emergency. But charging via a laptop or computer USB port tends to be slow considering the incoming current is usually only 0.5 A.

For that, charging the right cellphone is by plugging it directly into an electric current. Don’t do it too often or it’s better to avoid charging your cellphone with the USB port on your computer or laptop.

8. Removing the Phone Case

If the cellphone you have uses a casing, it’s best when it is charg, remove the casing. Some types of cellphones usually get warm when charging and the case is still attach. Usually this warm air arises because of the obstruction of heat dissipation while charging.For modern cellphones, this is not really relevant anymore.

But it would be nice if you still remove the case. Like the casing is clothes that stick to the cellphone, when the cellphone is hot, then opening the shirt is the right thing, especially when it is connect to electricity.

9. Charging HP in the Morning

Many people charge their cellphones at night. Usually, let’s leave it to sleep and when I wake up, the HP is fully charged. If this happen in the past, it could be said to be quite dangerous because the old cellphone, if it was fully charg, had to be immediately removed from the electric current for battery health.

Modern cellphones already have automatic circuit breakers when the battery is fully charg. So many people are no longer so worried about leaving their cellphones in a charged state while sleeping. But keep in mind, even though it’s allowed to charge cellphones at night, a good charge is actually in the morning before leaving for work or activities.

10. Use a Power Source from the Outlet

As we know to charge, we must connect the charger to a power source. In addition to the socket, the power source for charging can also be obtain from other sources such as a PC that is connect using a usb cable.
But for how to fully charge your cellphone, you should avoid charging it via a PC using a USB cable. Instead, charge your cellphone using a power source directly from the socket. The reason is, usually the socket will provide an electric current of 1 Ampere. The amount is very sufficient to charge the cellphone. Meanwhile, from the PC the current given is less.

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