How to Clear Cache on Oppo HP Easily

How to Clear Cache

How to Clear Cache : Find out how to clear cache on Oppo HP so that the device runs smoothly and lightly. Follow the Android HP tutorial below.

One of the factors that cause the internal memory on your Oppo HP to be full or run out quickly is the buildup of cache or junk files that have never been cleaned.

Therefore you must know how to clear the cache on the Oppo HP so that you can ease the burden on the performance of your Oppo HP.

The definition of cache itself is data that is temporarily stored in cellphone memory when you use an application installed on your cellphone, but even though it is temporarily stored and the data will be lost when the application is deleted.

But if left continuously, the longer it can accumulate so that it will burden performance and fulfill the storage capacity of your cellphone.

Now as a smartphone manufacturer that is famous for presenting pretty cool features, HP Oppo certainly doesn’t forget to be equipped with a built-in feature called a phone manager.

This feature can be used to clear the cache on your Oppo cellphone.

You can easily clear the cache on an Oppo cellphone through the following steps:

Open the phone manager application on your Oppo phone

Then select the menu clear memory

Then click on the menu option all app cache data

After that a list of applications will appear on your Oppo phone, you just have to choose which application stores large cache data. However, to make it easier for you when deleting cache data, then you can immediately put a check mark on all applications to delete all caches in all the application lists.

If so, click on the delete option located at the bottom of your Oppo cellphone screen to start clearing cache data

Wait a few moments then automatically, cache data from the application you selected previously will be deleted

That’s how to clear the cache on an Oppo cellphone that you can do easily, so that it will make the system or application on your Oppo cellphone run lighter. So don’t forget to always clean the cache on your Oppo cellphone periodically. But keep in mind also that the process of deleting cache data cannot be undone.

Take advantage of how to clear the cache on the Oppo HP well

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