How to Delete a Google Account on a Xiaomi cellphone, it’s easy!

Google Account on a Xiaomi

How to delete a Google account on a Xiaomi cellphone can be done easily and it is important to know. Actually, the method is no different from other Android phones. Also, very easy to do. Why should you delete Google account on a Xiaomi cellphone? There can be various reasons. For example, want to switch phones. Want to replace your Google account with another account without the need for a complete HP format, and more. Deleting a Google account will get rid of a few things. For example the email address in the profile and the data that follows it.

Well, here are the steps you can take to delete a Google account on a Xiaomi cellphone:
1. Go to the Settings page
2. Scroll down and tap Accounts & sync
3. Tap settings for Google
4. Touch the More button (three dots icon) below
5. Press the Remove Account option. After deleting your Google account like the steps above, your profile and Gmail account will also disappear.

This includes other services such as Google Drive, Google Play Store, Google Photos, Meet, and Chat. However, you can restore your account by logging in using the Google account that we have. After that, you can back up your data the same as when you just used a new phone.

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