How to Embed 3 Main Posts and Instagram Reels, Really Easy

How to Embed 3 Main Posts

Popular applications that continue to develop. One of them is to encourage three main posts and an Instagram reel. This feature is the same as that of Tiktok and Twitter. Then how? The following is a review of the event embedding the three main posts and Instagram reels as reported from the official page:

– Click on the three dots on one of the posts or reels. – Then select pin to profile or pin to your profile option.

– When you return to your profile, the user will find the post in the top right corner of the grid

– If you want to add it, just do the same way and the posts or reels that were previously pinned will shift to the right.

That’s an easy way to embed 3 main posts and Instagram reels. This feature serves the same purpose as the highlights feature in stories, which appears as a thumbnail and is located at the bottom of the profile. The goal is to provide information by displaying various stories content. So that the embedded upload will allow users to ensure that the upload can be seen by their followers.

Previously, Instagram had made an option to donate to fundraising via reels. Now its users from more than 30 countries can easily add links and make it easier to donate. Not only reels, Meta will also form more useful features. Among them is the Climate Science Center. The focus of this feature is the user’s actions in daily activities, whether it’s a small thing to fight climate change. The more useful features that will be carried, the more users will use this application.

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