How to Get Something for Nothing From the Internet

How to Get Something

How to Get Something : While on YouTube last month I came across a video talking about getting free gadgets off the internet. In particular a Company called Freebie Jeebies. As like most people getting something for nothing is very appealing but always rings alarm bells in my head and to proceed with caution. The amount of scammers on the internet these days I thought to myself this is probably just another one trying there luck.

So I clicked on the link which took me to their website. Having a look around I wanted to see how the site operated, if it was a legit company was it VAT registered?. And how can they claim to give away free gadgets? Looking on the first page was a VAT number so on to Companies House to make sure the number was correct, which surprisingly it was. OK looking good so far so how can they give away free gadgets? I looked at their FAQ and the first question on the list is How does this work? Answer – All you need to do to receive a gift is sign up, complete one offer yourself, and refer friends to do the same. We are paid commission for each offer completed by you and your referrals and we use this money to pay for the gifts.

Seemed fairly straight forward but what about these offers?

This must surely if it is a scam where it comes into play. So I click on the offers page and im presented with a list of companies ranging from Insurance or Betting sites to Bingo and Website hosters. The cost to complete each offer varies from 5 up to 25

So from being on the site everything seems to tie in so far. The company seems to be legit the offers direct you to other big named companies sites to sign up so no problems their. Freebie jeebie earn commission on each sign up. To enable them to give away the free gadgets they give a cut of this commission. Seems to me its starting to make sense.

I still had to get definite proof that this is in fact the real deal. Seen as I came across this company originally on YouTube I thought it was a good place to start. Typing Freebie Jeebie into YouTube brings up quite a few videos. The ones that caught my attention were a couple of clips taken from CNN news and also BBC news. The CNN article wasn’t on Freebie jeebie as such but more on how the process works and generalised that type of company.

So now I wanted to get feedback

from people like you. And me who are not connected to these sites and would give honest options. To start with I did find lots of comments from people on Yahoo and what they thought about this company. The phrase “it was a scam” came into use a few times but their comments to me were just hear say. None of them actually registered and tried out the company.

Next I searched Google looking for a forum of some sort.

First in the list was a site called This site was dedicated to getting free items from sites like Freebie Jeebie. To view the threads I needed to register. After registering a had a look around. The site had been going for a few years and had over 28,000 members. This was looking promising. I came away from the site feeling fairly confident this was no hoax. And that you can actually get something for nothing. One thread was all about what people had already received. And asks you to post a picture of you opening up your free gifts. As you can imagine there were pages and pages of photos from members. +

Feeling fairly confident Freebie Jeebie was a legit site there was nothing else to do but have a crack at it myself. The Exceem forum is all I needed to get started. It and a lot of its members are very helpful and most questions I had, had already been asked. The bottom line is all about getting referrals. Each referral you make is basically 20 towards whichever gadget you want. So how do you go about it? They recommend a few things Posting on Forums, creating posters and leaflets, creating a website.

Leaflets and posters to me were a waste of time. To get maximum about of people it had to be online. So that’s what I’ve been doing. I easily created a website giving all the info needed about the process etc this linking back to freebie jeebie. Then on to forums, getting involved in conversations making sure my signature links back to my website.

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