How to Lock HP Remotely

Lock HP Remotely

You can easily lock your cellphone remotely on both Android and iOS devices. Follow the tutorial on Android and iOS phones to lock remotely.

For those of you Android device users, you can use the Find My Device application to remotely lock your cellphone, one of the applications recommended by Google you can get for free through the Google Play Store on your Android device.

So make sure that you have previously downloaded and installed the Find My Device application on your Android phone, so that at any time you can lock your cellphone remotely if unwanted things happen.

The steps to lock your Android device remotely using the Find My Device application are also quite easy, you just have to follow the tutorial below:

  • Open the browser on your computer or laptop and then open the Find My Device site
  • Then log in using the gmail account registered on your Android phone
  • Then all information about your cellphone will appear and also the whereabouts of your cellphone, as well as 3 menu options, namely play sound, secure device and delete device
  • Click on secure device option to start locking your cellphone remotely
  • Then create a password to lock the cellphone and click again on the green secure device option at the bottom
  • After that you will get a notification stating that your device has been successfully secured or locked properly because all cellphones or devices connected to your Google account will be locked automatically

How easy isn’t it? Now for you iOS device users, don’t worry because there is also a way to lock your cellphone remotely by activating the lost mode embedded by the Find My iPhone application.

This Find My iPhone application will lock your iPhone remotely with a passcode and a certain message will appear on your iPhone screen.

The steps to remotely lock your iPhone using the Find My iPhone application are:

  • Visit the site via a browser and sign in using your apple id
  • If you have entered the site, select the find my iPhone option from the list of available icons
  • Select the My device option from the top menu and select a device to put in lost mode, or select a device on the map displayed on the screen
  • Then select the lost mode option and enter a phone number that can be contacted
  • The phone number will appear as a message on your iPhone screen, and it will be the only option available on the iPhone lock screen other than unlocking it by entering the correct passcode.
  • After that select next and enter the message you want to convey along with the phone number that you entered earlier to appear on the iPhone lock screen
  • Click done to activate lost mode and done! Now your iPhone has been successfully locked remotely with the message and phone number displayed on the lock screen. So the iPhone won’t work unless someone taps the call button to dial the phone number you entered in the previous step, or someone swipes the screen and enters the correct device passcode.

That’s how to lock your cellphone remotely that you can do on your Android phone or your iPhone. So if at any time you lose your cellphone, don’t panic, immediately take the steps to lock your cellphone remotely as above to secure your cellphone.

Take advantage of how to lock the cellphone remotely. Good luck with the Android and iOS HP tutorials above!

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