How to Overcome Applications Not Installed on Android Phones

Not Installed on Android Phones

It is important to know how to solve applications not installed on Android phones. Because, there are times when an Android cellphone user downloads an application, but it is not installed and cannot be used. Why and how to solve it? To solve the application not installed on the Android phone, users need to understand the cause first. Indeed, there are several things that make an application unable to be installed on an Android phone.

Well, here are some of them:

1. Not compatible The application cannot be installed, it could be because it is not compatible or compatible with the mobile phone that we are using. For example, the OS used is too old. So, the new released application will not be able to be downloaded on the cellphone.

2. Out of Memory Mobile users with 64 GB or 128 GB of internal memory should be wary. If there are too many photos and applications, then the storage space runs out. As a result, the application cannot be installed on the phone because there is no space to save it.

3. Damaged APK file If the user downloads the application in the form of an APK (not through the Google Play Store), make sure it comes from a trusted source. If not, it could be that the downloaded file is corrupted. So it can not be installed and run.
4. Wrong Location The phone has two storage memories, namely internal and external memory. Applications installed on the external memory may not be read by the internal memory.

Therefore, make sure to install the app on the internal memory. How to Overcome Applications Not Installed on Android Phones In addition to checking the methods above, also do this method to be able to install applications on Android phones:

1. Go to Settings
2. Look for the Unknown Resources menu
3. Find the app you want to install
4. Click on the “Allow from this source” section.
5. Go back to Settings. Select menu Permissions
6. Touch Allowed
Another way is to clear the Google Play Store Cache. It’s easy, do this
1. Go to Settings > Applications
2. Look for Afternoon Plays.
3. Go to the storage menu, then touch Clear Cache The last way is to reset the cellphone.
Do this if all of the above didn’t work. Through Reset, all settings, data, and more will return to the beginning.

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