How to Store Smartphones that are Good and Correct

How to store smartphones

How to store smartphones that are good and correct, Smartphones are electronic goods, which means that they must be given care so that their quality is maintained and they are not easily damaged. One way to care for a smartphone is how we store the smartphone itself.

Sometimes, many people don’t care about this. As long as you put it, what’s important is that it can be used. Eitss, it’s better to start paying attention from now on, this is for your cellphone too. Here are 5 correct ways to store and place your smartphone.

How to Store Smartphones that are Good and Correct

Here’s how to store smartphone that is good and right.

1. Place With Screen Down

Often people put the smartphone with the screen facing up to avoid scratches on the screen. In fact, smartphone screens are more scratch-resistant than the bottom (casing), especially the camera lens. Plus, the majority of smartphones now use protective glass Gorilla Glass or Dragontrail Glass, of course, making the screen more resistant to scratches. So, it would be better to put the smartphone upside down (screen below).

2. Do Not Store Near Magnetic Fields

Because they don’t care or maybe they don’t know, many people often put their smartphone on the refrigerator, near the TV, laptop, etc. In fact, this is not good, you know. All of these objects contain a high magnetic field that can disturb the smartphone. Usually dead pixels. So it would be nice, from now on, avoid your cellphone from these objects.

3. Don’t keep it in your trouser pocket

Besides being able to interfere with the reproductive organs, keeping a smartphone in a trouser pocket (especially a tight one) is not good. If you do this, it is possible to damage the fingerprint because the pressure is high enough. Not to mention if you keep it in your back pocket and forget to sit on it. It could be crushed. It’s better to keep your smartphone in your pocket or in your bag.

4. Avoid Storing in the Closet

That said, the temperature in the cupboard can make smartphone battery life decrease faster. I don’t know if this is a myth or what, but it’s always better to be safe, right? Storing in a cupboard for a long time can also make your smartphone moldy.

5. Save by Removing the Battery

These tips are done if you want to keep the cellphone for a relatively long time. Usually, because of changing a new cellphone, the old one is in a museum. However, if the battery is implanted (non-removable), you don’t need to remove it either. Just put it in the box with other accessories.

6. Don’t keep it in a bag with other things

Admit it, in your bag there must be keys, pens, or even other things, right? Therefore, avoid storing your smartphone there, unless you provide a special space for storing your smartphone.

7. Avoid storing smartphones in humid and hot places

Smartphones are fragile objects, so you must take good care of your smartphone. So that it doesn’t get damaged quickly, it’s a good idea to put your smartphone in a place that has enough lighting and is cool.

Never put your smartphone in a place that is too humid or a place that is too hot! You see, excessive temperatures (both hot and cold) alone can make a smartphone that is often used quickly damaged. Moreover, a smartphone that is no longer used.

The article above explains how to store smartphones properly. Hopefully, after reading the article above, you understand and are not wrong to save your smartphone.

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