How to Track Lost Cellphones Online Using Google Account

How to Track Lost Cellphones Online Using Google Account

Track Lost Cellphones : You want to track the location of a lost cellphone? Want to ring it? Or want to format the lost HP data remotely?

If this is true, you can follow the guidelines from the following gadgetlogy to track a lost cellphone using the google account on the cellphone.

Curious how? read this article to the end, yes.
Requirements to be able to track lost cellphones

This method has three conditions that must be met, namely:

  1. The cellphone must have a Google account logged in it.
  2. The cellphone must have an active internet connection.
  3. HP is locked. Can lock pattern, fingerprint, facial recognition and retina of the eye.

HP Stolen and Turned Off (Off)?

Don’t despair, keep doing the steps below because as far as Gadgetlogy knows, when the cellphone is restarted, the cellphone will automatically provide information to our Google account.

Well, google accounts are usually associated with Android phones, so can an iPhone also use this method? Of course you can if the cellphone has a Google account with login conditions but actually for the iPhone the security features will be more complete if you use iCloud here
How to track a lost cellphone with Google Find Your Phone

  1. Make sure that you have access to the Google account that was on the lost cellphone.
  2. Go to the site You can use your friend’s computer, laptop or cellphone. After that, a list of cellphones associated with this Google account will appear.
  3. Click the name of the lost cellphone. Enter the password if prompted then click next.
  4. After that, various options will appear that you can use to find out the position of the lost HP.
  5. Select the Ring option to ring the cellphone as loudly as possible (full volume) for a few minutes. Even though the cellphone is on silent it will still sound. This method is very effective if we know that we are close to the location where our HP is lost. This method is also what Gadgetlogy uses when a friend’s cellphone is hidden and also when you forget where to store your cellphone. ?
  6. Select the Locate option to see the GPS location of the lost cellphone. Then you can go to the location and use the Ring option again.
  7. If the Ring and Locate options don’t work to find the lost cellphone, you can use the Lock your phone option or even the Consider erasing your device option to secure existing data so that it isn’t taken by irresponsible people.

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