Huawei Watch D Can Measure Blood Pressure

Huawei Watch D

Huawei Watch D : Smart wearables have adopted more health-related features, and and with a number of companies introducing ECG to their devices, Samsung decided to take it one step further.

This South Korean company introduced a blood pressure measurement feature on the Galaxy Watch3 through a small sensor. This step requires initial setup using a special blood pressure measuring device.

Huawei will reportedly take the Watch D one step further to provide accurate blood pressure (BP) readings. According to user guide videos circulating on the internet, the wearable will have an inflatable mounted on the inside of the strap.

This smartwatch will support two straps of different sizes which are connected to the watch via a pn and to the strap by a rubber button. To get a clear reading, the user must sit in a certain position with the watch wearer’s hand touching the opposite shoulder, and the wearable not touching the chest.

The Watch D will reportedly have 32MB of RAM and 4GB of storage space, and can be connected to phones or earphones via Bluetooth. Various sources indicate Huawei will market the Watch D for CNY2,998 or USD470 (Rp6.7 million).

Meanwhile, until now, there has been no confirmation about the price or the ability of this smartwatch to function independently. Previously, Huawei was preparing to launch a new collection of gadgets on December 23.

These new Huawei gadgets include the Huawei P50 Pocket, Huawei Watch D and other devices, including smart glasses. Huawei Smart Glasses come with a bone conductive speaker design that is integrated into the temples.

The glasses will use a special version of HarmonyOS, expected to support voice commands and integration with other Harmony compatible devices.

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