HyperX Alloy Origins 60

The recent trend of gaming mice offers an increasingly lighter weight. As for the gaming keyboard, the size is even more compact. This keyboard is intended for gamers who need a fairly spacious area, to place a mousepad to support a wider mouse movement. FPS gamers are one of the targets of this keyboard user.

Of the many brands, HyperX also has a compact size gaming keyboard through the Alloy Origins 60 series. Of the HyperX gaming keyboard line, this series is the most compact. What are the features and experience like? Check out the reviews.

Concise and compact

The size of the HyperX Alloy Origins 60 mechanical gaming keyboard is classified as very compact or can also be called a 60% form factor. Previously, I was an ASUS Strix Scope user, full size. The size comparison is very far. My desk feels more spacious and makes it possible to use a large mousepad. Moreover, HyperX Alloy Origins 60 is also designed with a body frame that is quite slim. Not wide.

Although compact, this keyboard has a fairly heavy weight. Considering HyperX uses aluminum material in almost the entire body. But this is quite interesting, because the aluminum material on the keyboard body offers good durability, while making the keyboard stable and not easy to shift when used to play games.

With a more compact size, are the features limited? Not. You really won’t find a row of numlock keys on a keyboard like this, but that doesn’t mean its features are limited.

To outsmart its compact size, HyperX offers a keycaps design made of Double shot PBT with a second function. To make it easier to see this second function, HyperX Alloy Origins 60 prints the side of the keycaps facing the gamer.

The available functions are quite complete, starting from the range of F1 to F12 keys, multimedia, volume, Game Mode, Ins, Pg Up, Pg Dn, End, PrtSc, brightness, profile, to arrow keys. To use this second function, you need to press the Fn key first, then press the desired keycaps/function.

For connectivity, HyperX Alloy Origins 60 uses a detachable braided cable. The USB type-C port is on the side of the keyboard, while at the other end it uses a USB A connector. What I like, the cable adopts a single input alias does not branch. So it doesn’t take up a lot of ports to use this keyboard.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 has a stand that offers 3 levels of tilt. This offers gamers the flexibility to get the best settings when using the keyboard.


HyperX provides software support for the Alloy Origins 60 keyboard. So, even though it is compact, users will still get support for features that can be found in the HyperX NGENUITY software. This software can be downloaded through the official HyperX website or for convenience, you can click the following link HyperX NGENUITY.

Just like other supporting software, when you open the HyperX NGENUITY software, it will immediately detect what device is connected.

Through this software, you can configure the Alloy Origins 60 keyboard. Starting from the LED color display, key bindings, macros, as well as effects when keycaps are pressed. Although not many, the preset options are quite diverse.

You can enter functions/commands/commands into keycaps that you use frequently, then save them to a specific profile. In total there are 3 profiles that you can use for 3 different configurations.

Responsive but need adaptation

It took an initial adjustment when starting to use this keyboard as a daily device. Moreover I use this keyboard for work too. Because usually all the keys are available, now I have to get used to using the second functions embedded in some of the keycaps. Mis-pressing is normal, yes, the name is also an introduction.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 comes with a switch that HyperX developed itself. This red switch is a linear type, like a mechanical switch in general. The characters are a bit louder in my opinion than the other red linear switches, but still not as noisy as Cherry’s blue or green switches.

Linear type, you don’t find any tactile sensation. Even so, the input distance is relatively short from the initial position, making it comfortable to type or play games. I can comfortably use this mouse for work, until writing this article.

The advantage of a switch with a fairly short key travel is a faster response time. In contrast to conventional keyboards that use membranes, which need to press the keycaps deeper to the bottom of the frame to receive input. Just a little press, the keyboard can receive input from the gamer’s finger. This is what makes this keyboard ideal for playing fast-paced games or FPS genres like Riot’s Valorant which I’ve been playing a lot lately. With these advantages, the agent I played with was able to react more quickly and be agile.

The presence of the second functions on the keycaps in my opinion is a shortcut that is quite helpful in daily keyboard use. While working, I need the Windows key on, because I often open multiple applications or move files to various locations.

While playing games, I was greatly helped by the Game Mode feature which disables the Windows key to reduce the risk of being accidentally pressed. This keyboard also offers a feature to disable key combination functions such as Alt+Tab, Alt+F4, and several other functions, which are considered to be able to disrupt your gaming session. This feature is suitable for those of you who have a bad habit of pressing Alt+F4 a little when you lose playing a game.

Concise, but not lacking in features and functions

It’s my first time using a keyboard with a 60% form factor and it’s quite fun. Despite its compact size, in fact this keyboard has no shortage of cool features.

There are several points that I like about this HyperX Alloy Origins 60 keyboard. First is the flexibility offered. Comes with a very small size, this keyboard can still support gaming sessions, and provide a large enough area for mouse movement. Moreover, I play FPS games that require quite agile and broad mouse movement.

Its compact size then does not make this keyboard limited or cut off the main features and functions of a keyboard in general. You still get multimedia shortcut keys, adjust screen brightness, volume, and other settings.

Indeed, you cannot get a range of numlock keys, but with the support of the NGENUITY software, you can enter several functions or commands into the available keycaps.

HyperX’s HX red switch character is indeed a bit heavy. Even so, the short input distance makes this keyboard responsive for playing games.

With a price of IDR 1.3 million, you can rely on this keyboard to be your mainstay device for playing games. In addition, HyperX also includes some spare keycaps for more gaming display options in the sales package.


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