Ibacks Launches Flagship Powerbank and Charger Adapter

Ibacks Launches Flagship

Ibacks Launches Flagship : Ibacks, one of the brands that produces gadget support devices, officially introduces its flagship product, the Ibacks Kingkong 10,000mah & Ibacks miniMAG GAN Charger Adapter.

These two variants are a combination of smart and elegant choices to support all user activities, without having to worry about running out of power for your gadgets anywhere, anytime, without or with an electrical outlet.

Ibacks Indonesia CEO Bernard Sugiharto said, so that consumers can choose the right pair of accessories for their favorite gadgets, every Ibacks product comes with design & technology innovatioIbacks Launches Flagshipns as well as education for gadget accessories.

Ibacks Launches Flagship “Because as we know today, along with the rapid and unstoppable development of technology around us, we as users of technology itself should understand its functions and benefits for our daily lives,” said Bernard through a press release.

The Ibacks King Kong 10,000mah power bank can charge smartphone and laptop devices, with 1 input and 3 outputs and is equipped with a type C to Type C, type A to Type C and Type A to lightning (MFI) charge cable as well as a power adapter.

Smart Protection features are also included such as overcharge protection & over charge protection, which certainly makes the user’s gadget safe from overcharging and losing battery power.

Due to the difference in technology and power imbalance between smartphones and Powerbanks, there is also Short Circuit Protection to keep powerbanks and gadgets safe from short circuits. With power delivery, this Powerbank is able to charge a Macbook or laptop that supports Type-C input.

Meanwhile, the Ibacks miniMAG GAN Charger Adapter variant with a charging power of 65watt Power Delivery System has 2 type C output ports and 1 USB type A output which is capable of simultaneously charging gadgets, the 3 port charging output certainly meets our needs.

Ibacks miniMAG uses the 2nd generation GAN power technology, where the ability to make power delivery on Ibacks miniMAG is more stable in charging to smartphones and laptops.

Only with 1 charger adapter can simultaneously charge 2 smartphones and laptops, no need to carry a lot of chargers for gadgets.

Besides that. a more compact size compared to power adapters in general but has a maximum charging power with Quick Charge support and USB-C Power Delivery for cellphones, tablets, laptops, and others.

All of the devices above are equipped with the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 feature which is definitely safe for high end gadgets.

“Complementing our favorite expensive gadgets with products from ibacks is a smart solution, because your gadgets will be safe and secure without having to carry a lot of equipment for each device,” concluded Bernard.

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