Infinix Demos 180W Charging, Thunder Charge

Infinix Demos 180W

Infinix Demos 180W : Currently, almost all smartphone brands are competing to deliver super fast charging, with outputs above 100W. One of the brands that will enliven this trend seems to be Infinix.

Currently Infinix has 120W charging technology, which is present on the Infinix Note 12 VIP device. But right now, Infinix is testing a new charger, with an output of 180W.

Infinix Demos 180W Infinix calls it Thunder Charge technology. The charging technology demo is shown in a video. In the video, the percentage of smartphone power increases by 1%, in a duration of 10 seconds.

Unfortunately, it is not shown in detail how long it takes to charge a smartphone from empty to full. But previously Infinix had demonstrated 160W charging, where a smartphone with a 4500mAh battery can be fully charged in 10 minutes. So this 180W technology should be able to charge smartphones even faster.

This super-fast charging trend will indeed be very beneficial for users, because the charging duration is faster and users can carry out activities as soon as possible without waiting long for the battery to be fully charged.

But on the other hand, some big brands have yet to appear to show super fast charging technology with outputs above 100W. Call it Samsung, which until now still provides support for charging a maximum of 45W on their smartphone devices.

Security is certainly an aspect that must be prioritized when innovation is presented. This super fast charging itself is actually still causing a polemic, because it is feared that it will eat up the life cycle of the battery faster.

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