Keep Charging Laptop With Built-in Battery

Keep Charging Laptop With Built-in Battery

One of the things that most of us laptop users worry about is the battery. We all know that laptop battery life can be very different from the battery in a smartphone. The battery in the smartphone can last all day or at least from morning to evening. As for the laptop battery? Sometimes it can last up to 5 hours is already grateful.

In fact, usually laptop users will actively use it for more than 5 hours. I personally used to use my laptop for more than 12 hours a day. In such circumstances, it is a bit inconvenient if you have to plug in and unplug the laptop charger every time the battery runs out or is full after being charged. The activity of unplugging the charger will also cause new concerns for laptop users. Will using a laptop while charging it will accelerate the damage to the laptop battery, or not?

Is it OK to play a laptop while it’s charging?

Generally, the battery on a laptop will last from a year to two years. It depends on how we use it. All modern laptops on the market today use Lithium batteries. Whether it’s Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), and Lithium-Ion Polymer (Li-Po).

Now this type of battery has a life cycle or charging cycle which is the lifespan of the battery. That is, the age or lifespan of the battery will depend on how often we charge it. The more often it is charge, the shorter the battery life will be. I’m not sure how many charging cycles from the battery on the laptop. Some say that the charging cycle of this type of battery is from 300 to 1000 times charging.

After the charging cycle is passed, the battery will experience a drastic decrease in performance. On a laptop it can be even worse. Not only a decrease in performance, but usually will immediately “broken”. Starting from symptoms that can’t be charged, easy to drop, or can’t be used to turn on the laptop.

This kind of damage must be very, very wanted to be avoid by laptop users. Because if that happens, the laptop seems to lose its identity and has to depend on the charger to operate.

Keep Charging Laptop

As I mentioned earlier, some people sometimes have to use a laptop for up to a dozen hours. If you only rely on power from the battery, of course it will not hold and must be recharged alias charged. Meanwhile, if it is charge too often, the battery life will run out faster. Then, what is the solution?

If the laptop has a removable battery (can be remove), then usually the option chosen is to remove the battery. And the laptop will rely on the charger to be turn on. But unfortunately, most of the laptops that have been circulating in recent years have a non-removable battery design, aka the battery cannot be remove (plante battery), in order to get a more compact physical dimension like an ultrabook.

So, some people who have to use their laptop for a long time will choose to leave it in a state of continuous charging while using it even though the battery is full. Apart from being lazy, another reason why people do this is so that the laptop can be ready to be carrie around in a full battery state.

This then raises new concerns. Because in a state of using the laptop while it is charging and the battery is constantly left in a state of overcharging (continues to be charge even though it is full), we are of course worrie that the laptop battery will also be damage more quickly.

What are the effects of charging a laptop while in use?

Actually, for laptops in this modern era, generally it will not be a problem if we continue to use the laptop while it is charging. Because the technology is certainly more sophisticated than laptops three or four years ago. Even on gaming laptops, we are actually recommend to always play the laptop while it is charging if you want to get full performance from the laptop.

Coupled with the fact that gaming laptops are generally battery-intensive, the option to charge the laptop while continuing to use it will be much more practical. Because we don’t need to go back and forth to unplug and plug the charger from the laptop. However, I’m not sure that entry-level laptops aka potato laptops will also have the same features or not.

Tricks to Stay Safe Playing Laptop While Charging

If the laptop you are using is not a gaming laptop, and you are not sure whether your laptop can be safe even if it is use while charging continuously, you can see the trick that I will explain here. The trick that I mention here, will make the laptop can continue to be plugg into the charger, but not charging the battery (plugg in, not charging). Thus, the electricity suppli by the charger adapter will directly power the laptop.

This trick is very useful for those who have to use the laptop while charging for a very long time. To keep the battery fully charged and ready to travel at any time, while avoiding premature battery damage.

The trick is, we can first charge the laptop battery to below 100% (95% and above). It may be use, it may or may not be. After that, unplug the charger for a while, then plug the charger back into the laptop you are using.

In this way, the laptop will use electric power directly from the charger, while also not overcharging the battery. Because if you leave it for charging to 100% and the charger is still plugg in, then the information like in the picture above will not appear. Which, of course, is worri about the battery will experience overcharging.

But, what if you have already filled up to 100%? You can first unplug the laptop charger, then use the laptop or leave it until the battery is reduc between 96% to 99%, then plug the charger back in.

I suggest using these methods only when we have to use the laptop for a long time. Yes, I’m sure some of you will definitely prefer to use this method if you use a laptop at home. Because love or fear the battery will be damage quickly. If the Javanese say that the battery is save so that it can last a very long time.

In fact, if the battery is left “unuse” for too long, then it will also be damage more quickly, you know. And don’t be surpris if it turns out that your laptop battery is damage faster than it should be. Even though I have implemented the methods I mentioned earlier. Therefore, occasionally use your laptop in battery mode without charging it. At least once or twice a week. So that the life of the laptop battery can be optimal. Maybe you also need to read articles about whether it is safe to use a laptop without a battery, if it turns out that your laptop battery is damage.

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