Know 4 Ways to Lock Apps on iPhone

Know 4 Ways

Know 4 Ways : Not a few people who want to protect their privacy on their respective devices. For this reason, mobile phone users also choose to lock certain applications on their cellphones. However, some iPhone users are sometimes still confused about how to lock applications on their cellphones. In fact, there are several tricks that can be done as a way to lock applications on the iPhone.

How to Lock Apps on iPhone There are several ways you can do to lock apps on iPhone, from using a timer to using Touch ID. Know 4 Ways

1. Using the Timer

To lock apps on iPhone using the timer, follow these steps:

Go to the Home Screen page.
Swipe the screen.
After “Control Panel” appears,
select the “Timer” option or the clock icon.
On the “Timer” page,
select “When Timer Ends”.
Next, select “Stop Playing” until a checklist appears and press the “Set” button at the top right of the screen.
2. Using Face ID

Apple has launched a new technology called Face ID. Users of iPhone X or later versions can enjoy this feature. Similar to Touch ID, here’s how to use Face ID:
Open the “Settings on iPhone” app.
Select “Account” > “Privacy”.
After the next page appears,
Swipe down until you find the “Lock Screen” option.
Select “Face ID”.
Select the app you want to lock with Face ID.
3. Restrictions feature

How to lock applications on iPhone can also be done by using the Restrictions feature. Here’s how:

Open the “Settings” menu.
Select “General”.
Click “Restrictions”.
First enable “Restriction”,
then select “Enable Restrictions”.
Next, you will be asked to enter a passcode.
On the next page, you can select the apps you want to lock.
4. Touch ID

Before Face ID, Touch ID was present first. Both have almost the same system. If Face ID uses the facial recognition method, Touch ID uses fingerprints. To lock apps with the help of Touch ID, follow these steps:

Access the “Settings” or “Settings” menu on the iPhone.
Select “Touch ID & Password”.
Enter the password if any.
Select the app you want to lock with Touch ID.
To activate it,
You will be asked to add a fingerprint.
If so, please re-enter the “Settings” > “Passcode & Touch ID” menu.
Enable “Passcode & Touch ID” for the desired app.

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