The Latest Features IOS 16 on Iphone Smartphones

Latest Features IOS 16

The Latest Features IOS 16 on Iphone Smartphones-iPhone as a line of smartphones made by Apple is one of the most widely us types of smartphones in the world. To date, it is estimat that there are 1.2 billion iPhone users from around the world. The iPhone and its operating system, iOS, were first launch in 2007.

Apple consistently releases the latest iPhone products every year. The latest version of iOS is also often launch to match the demands of the market and technology that is always growing rapidly. This time, Apple releas the latest update for the iPhone operating system, namely iOS version 16.

iOS 16 has just been officially releas in Indonesia on September 13, 2022. Various new features as well as system and application updates have attract the attention of many iPhone users. This update is made in order to improve the comfort and convenience of users when using the iPhone.

For Toppers who are also iPhone users, you must be waiting for the latest update from iOS 16. Let’s look at the list of the latest features in iOS 16 and what types of iPhones can update to iOS 16!

Latest Features IOS 16 on Iphone Smartphones

Latest Features IOS 16

In the latest update of iOS 16, Toppers will find many new personalization features, Apple’s AI technology is getting more sophisticated, and it’s easier to communicate. The latest features of iOS 16 are as follows:

1. Cancel, Edit, and Unread Messages in iMessage

Toppers accidentally wrote a typo in a message that was sent or accidentally sent an unfinish message? iOS 16 now brings a new feature to iMessage, which is to cancel and edit messages that have been sent on iMessage.

For messages that have been edit, a small “Edit” mark will appear below the message. The undo message feature can help you withdraw messages that have been sent.

2. Create Customized Lock Screen and Home Screen

For Toppers who like to be creative with the appearance of their iPhones, Apple is now releasing a lock screen feature that can be personaliz to your liking. For the first time, the iPhone can also use widgets such as a clock, calendar, notes, and so on on the home screen.

Uniquely, you can also make more than one lock screen with different widgets and wallpapers to suit your liking. Wallpaper on the lock screen can also adjust to the widget that is display. Like for example with a clock widget, the wallpaper display will certainly not cover the clock.

3. New Tab feature in Safari: Share Tab and Pin Tab

Another recent feature of iOS 16 is in the Safari app, namely tab sharing and tab pins. For those of you who work on more than 1 iPhone device, or work together on projects with many people, the tab share feature can be us for various tab groups that are currently open.

Not only that, the pin tab feature is also useful for Toppers who have messy tabs in Safari. By long-clicking on a tab, then selecting the “Pin” or “Pin” option, you’ll find the pinned tabs at the top of Safari.

4. Notification Display

iOS 16 brings a new look to notifications, by pulling them up from the bottom. Previously, notifications on the iPhone could be view by dragging them from top to bottom. You can also set the appearance of the notifications that appear, starting from Count, Stack, to List. You can customize the display of notifications to your taste.

5. Haptic feature in Keyboard

The newest iOS 16 feature is also present in typing on the keyboard. Previously, the iPhone keyboard only had a sound feature that appear when the user typed on the keyboard. Now, Toppers can feel smooth vibrations when typing with the addition of the haptic feature on the keyboard. This haptic feature can provide a separate experience for those of you who like to type.

6. Remove Photo Background

Editing photo backgrounds now doesn’t have to bother using Photoshop! The latest feature of iOS 16 brings a feature to remove the photo background directly. With just one tap on the photo object whose background will be remov, you can directly edit the photo.

You can copy or share the results of photos that have removed the background. The result of this photo editing is in JPG format. You can also share these edited photos anywhere, such as iMessage or WhatsApp.

7. Merge Contacts and Photos Features

The latest feature of iOS 16 is definitely suitable for those of you who have a lot of duplicate photos and contacts. Instead of deleting and checking one by one, you can use the merge feature on contacts or photos that have duplicates. For photos, you can immediately find photos that have duplicates in the Duplicate folder located in the Album menu.

8. Access to Spotlight Search on Home Screen

On the home screen, you can find the Search menu at the bottom to directly connect to Spotlight. This feature can make you search for contacts, applications, or information on the internet faster. However, you can also choose to remove the Search menu at the bottom of the home screen if you find it uncomfortable or annoying.

9. Schedule and Cancel Emails

Using email services on iPhone is made easier with new features such as setting up schedules and canceling emails. You can schedule the time to send email according to the time you want. For email cancellation, you can choose the duration of email cancellation since it was sent, from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.

10. Sharing Wifi Passwords

The wifi password sharing feature can be us on wifi connections that are already connect to iPhone Toppers. You can see the password of the connect Wifi then copy it and share it with other people. This feature is perfect for those of you who have forgotten the wifi password that is already connect, while friends or other devices have not connect to the wifi.

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