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Latest Mobile Phones New : Many leading brands like Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Blackberry, HTC, LG etc. have recently released their latest mobile phones in UK market. Due to massive competition in between top brands, consumers are in great confusion to choose best phone among all.

Every gadget comes with latest features, fantastic design and multi media applications. But competition always brings good news for users, now companies offer advance widgets with free gifts, various schemes and discount. Even few latest widgets have broken the record of previous sales and conquering the UK market completely. They are alluring more and more consumers.

Companies are introducing latest phones after a particular research. They have divided the cell phones in many categories, and now they are producing them according to age group, social group, requirement, gender, occupation etc.

Pink mobile phone is the biggest example of gender category; this electronic device has been introduced only for female users. Few mobile features and applications have become very common, and you can find them in all latest widgets like GPRS, FM radio, USB, color screen, class 32 EDGE and many more. Manufacturers are also providing two memory options, inbuilt memory and expendable memory card.

Latest mobile phones come with all advance applications which are very useful for all people. They satisfy communication needs, social needs and entertainment needs. These latest gadgets have stopped the sales of digital cameras, music players, iPods, 3D video games etc. Users can not purchase the separate device for every need, as it costs them a lot. Instead of buying separate device, they prefer to buy a mobile phone which helps them to communicate and entertain. Cell phones have become the necessity of everyone.

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