Lenovo Legion Store Surabaya Gives An Amazing Experience

Lenovo Legion Store

This is a historic day for Lenovo. This multinational technology company spreads its wings by opening the first Legion Store in Surabaya, East Java.

Located at Maspion Square, Lenovo Legion Store is here to provide a hands-on experience for visitors. What makes it stand out compared to similar stores?

1. Have rapid growth
Lenovo Legion Store Surabaya Gives Extraordinary Experience Invited guests take pictures in front of Lenovo Legion Store Surabaya.

According to Ivan Cheung, General Manager of Lenovo Central Asia Pacific, Legion is a PC Gaming brand that occupies the second top position in Asia Pacific and Indonesia is one of the main markets in the region. This year, Indonesia recorded a growth of 108.4 percent compared to the previous year.

In the field of gaming notebooks, Lenovo’s market share in Surabaya is quite promising, which is 43 percent. That was the reason why the Lenovo Legion Store opened in the City of Heroes.

“The opening of the Lenovo Legion Store in Maspion Square is proof that we continue to grow strong every year, focusing on customer-centric and leading product performance, providing users with an extraordinary experience for their daily activities, work and play anywhere.

2. Tailor-made to meet the needs of gamers and content creators
Lenovo Legion Store Surabaya Gives An Extraordinary ExperienceTrying a laptop directly at Lenovo Legion Store Surabaya.
Lenovo Legion Store Surabaya has a futuristic interior design with blue neon lights. Inside, there are dozens of devices that are well-displayed and can be tested directly by visitors.

“Lenovo Indonesia continues to get closer to consumers, especially gaming consumers in Surabaya. With the opening of this latest Lenovo Legion Store, we hope that customers can experience an extraordinary digital experience by trying out a Lenovo Legion laptop or desktop before buying,” said Budi Janto , General Manager of Lenovo Indonesia.

3. Minimalist design with powerful performance

Gaming laptops usually tend to be bulky, heavy, with designs that are too flashy. Lenovo is trying to break the stereotype by presenting a laptop with a minimalist and slim design. At first glance it looks like a laptop for work.

“The design is different from other brands. The shape is not like a gaming laptop, (in fact) it is very minimalist and elegant like a laptop (for) work. However, the performance is fast. In accordance with the philosophy of stylish outside, savage inside,” explained Hendra Wijaya, Gaming Business Development Manager .

One of Lenovo’s flagship gaming laptops is the Legion 5i Pro. The design is not flashy with two monochrome color choices, namely storm gray and glacier white. This laptop is powered by a 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-12900H processor and maximum graphics performance thanks to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 3070Ti.

4. The technician is a gamer
This is one of the plus points that other brands may not have. Technicians hired by Lenovo Legion are gamers, who can optimize laptop and desktop performance so that we can win.

In addition, Lenovo promises 24/7 access to expert technicians who will help us optimize our hardware and software. Don’t worry because they are highly trained and experienced with high flying hours.

5. Dare to give three years warranty
Product warranty for similar brands is only 1-2 years on average. However, Lenovo dares to guarantee up to 3 years! This is because the components have high durability or durability.

On the other hand, customers need to pay attention to several things so that their laptops are durable and long lasting. One of them is not using a silicone keyboard protector because it makes laptop cooling technology less efficient.

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