LG Launches TWS Tone Free T90

TWS Tone Free T90

After ANC technology is already present in several audio devices, it seems that the next technology that will trend is Head Tracking Spatial Audio. LG recently released the TWS LG Tone Free T90 which brings support for the Head Tracking feature from Dolby.

With the Head Tracking feature from Dolby, the earphones will recalibrate the sound, adjusting to the user’s head in motion.

So when listening to music, movies or playing games, users can feel the sounds around them, as if they were in the scene being played, even if the user moves his head in any direction.

The LG Free Tone T90 is not the first earphone/TWS to have Head Tracking Spatial Audio support. AirPods and Apple Beats have already brought similar features. The same goes for the Galaxy Buds Pro, Buds 2 and Buds Live from Samsung.

In addition to the Spatial Audio Head Tracking feature, Tone Free T90 also has an Adaptive ANC feature. The durability of its use is 9 hours if the ANC is turned off, and an additional 18 hours if the charging case is added.

In addition, LG also presents Tone Free Fit (TF8) which has water resistance with IPX7 certification, so it is quite safe even in very wet conditions.

This device also has a sporty design with fin-shaped eartips, which can keep the earphones firmly in the user’s ears while exercising.

Both of these devices have a charging case with a cleaning feature using UV light, which is claimed to be able to clean the device from germs and bacteria up to 99.9%.

Unfortunately LG hasn’t revealed how much the TWS will cost, but LG announced that these products will go on sale in September 2022.

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