LG Ready to Launch New Android Tablet

LG Ready

LG Ready : In 2020, the Japanese technology giant, LG, said it had withdrawn from the smartphone business because it continued to suffer losses. But this does not seem to make LG give up on creating Android-based devices.

Yes, recently there was news that revealed that the company was working on an Android tablet. Even the specifications of the tablet which is said to have the codename ‘Project Jetta’ has been circulating on the internet.

The LG tablet with the model number LGE 10A30Q will reportedly come with a 10.3-inch screen and support FHD + resolution.

LG Ready Currently, the LGE 10A30Q has appeared on the Geekbench benchmark site by bringing the Snapdragon 680 processor, 4 GB RAM and using the Android 12 operating system.

LG’s new tablet is said to be deliberately designed for educational purposes. Sources report that in addition to Geekbench, the LGE 10A30Q has also received the blessing of certification from the WiFi Alliance.

That way, it is likely that LG will soon launch it into the global market. The tablet itself is expected to have an 8 MP rear camera, a 5 MP front camera and a 7,000 mAh battery.

LG has not confirmed the existence of the LGE 10A30Q, so both the price, launch date and availability are still a company secret.

It’s also unknown where LG will produce this tablet, considering that they closed their smartphone factory more than a year ago.

FYI, before leaving the smartphone industry, LG had several times presented Android phones that carried the latest innovations. Starting from the LG G5, LG G Flex and LG Wing.

The LG G5 offers an innovative Magic Slot that allows users to remove the bottom of the phone and replace it with additional accessories.

Then the LG G Flex is one of the revolutionary curved screen smartphones where the curved shape follows the contours of the face.

Finally, they created a swivel-screen smartphone called the LG Wing. Yes, this phone has two screens where one of them can be rotated up to 90 degrees.

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