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Likes to Read

Likes to Read : If you like reading, nowadays buying physical books at bookstores is certainly not the only way to find new books to read.

Digital books or e-books are now easier to find, either through online stores such as Amazon and Google Play Books, local bookstore sites such as Gramedia Digital, applications such as e-Library and Scribd, or various sites that provide e-books, both free and free. paid. Fun again, these books can be read on the gadget anytime and anywhere.

But the sensation of reading an e-book is certainly different from reading a physical book. Honestly, have you ever felt tired eyes from reading e-books on your gadget for too long? Or neck aches and pains from holding the gadget for too long?

Likes to Read If problems like that make it difficult for you to read your e-book collection, maybe it’s time for you to have a special gadget for reading e-books, namely an e-reader.
What is an E-Reader?

In short, an E-reader is a gadget created specifically for reading E-books. The e-reader at first glance is similar to a regular tablet, with a thinner and lighter body that makes it comfortable to hold in one hand.

However, the main difference is in the screen. Instead of using OLED or LCD like regular tablets, e-readers use e-ink technology that is designed to resemble real paper, so it is often referred to as ‘electronic paper’.

Unlike regular screens which have color-changing pixels, the e-reader screen consists of millions of black and white capsules filled with positive and negative currents floating on a layer of liquid.

When the black capsules are charged with positive current, it will rise to the surface of the screen, forming a black on white color and looks like ink on real paper.

That’s not all the difference between an e-reader screen and a regular tablet screen. While a regular tablet screen emits a bright light that can tire the eyes, the screen of an e-reader is usually dimmer, so it’s less glaring to the eyes and very comfortable to use for reading.

Plus, the e-reader screen uses less energy, which makes the battery last longer, with a single charge lasting up to more than a week.
How to Read an E-book with an E-reader

How to read with an e-reader is quite easy. Simply using a Wi-Fi connection, you can access the online store that is already available on the e-reader and instantly download and read your favorite e-book. If your e-reader uses the Android operating system, you’ll get access to more of your favorite apps and online stores.

Alternatively, you can connect the e-reader to your computer with a USB cable and transfer the e-books stored on your computer, either by drag-and-drop or with supporting software such as Adobe Digital Editions or Caliber. Many e-readers also have an SD card slot, so you just have to plug in the SD card and you’re ready to read.

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