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Make OPPO Reno7

Make OPPO Reno7 : Today’s Android smartphones are equipped with power efficient chipsets, large batteries and optimal software to last a full day of use. Including the latest smartphone from OPPO, the Reno7 Series. Well, there is an additional way so that your OPPO Reno7 battery can last even longer.

Present in three different variants, the OPPO Reno7 Series appears in a stylish design, has a different character in each variant. For the most affordable option, for example, use flat sides with a leather-looking rear body material (fiberglass-leather design), while the Reno7 5G version has 3D curves on the left and right sides.

The OPPO Reno7 Series battery has also been made to be comfortable to use all day long, both for work, multimedia access to snaps using the portrait camera. Well, in order to be more durable, you can take advantage of a number of features embedded through the latest ColorOS 12.

Take Advantage of Recommended Battery Saver Tips

When accessing the Settings – Battery menu, you will be greeted with the battery percentage that appears quite large, the estimated battery life, and the duration of use from the last time it was fully charged. Well, at the top, there is a special shortcut to save the OPPO Reno7 battery so that it can last even longer.

As seen in the image above, the system automatically gives suggestions such as disabling applications that consume a lot of power, activating the auto-brightness feature, and other features. You can choose which parts can be used / utilized to further save the OPPO Reno7 Series battery.

Meanwhile, when you look at the bottom, the smartphone will show which parts are optimal. Like turning off the personal hotspot feature, which of course takes extra power—it can even heat up the smartphone when the cellular operator’s network is not optimal.

Enabling Sleep Standby Optimization

This one feature has existed since the previous ColorOS generation, and can also be found on more affordable OPPO smartphones such as the OPPO A Series. When Sleep Standby Optimization is enabled, you don’t need to be afraid that the OPPO Reno7 battery will run out when left at bedtime, even though the battery percentage has started to run low.

When activated, the smartphone will automatically reduce power consumption at bedtime. Automatic, does not drain the battery percentage throughout the midnight hour, aka when the device is not in use. In order to sleep more peacefully, this feature also automatically reduces the number of notifications.

This feature is often paired with Optimized Night Charging, which aims to save OPPO Reno7 battery life. When activated, you can safely charge your device overnight, because the battery will only be fully charged in the morning, aka when you wake up.

Activate Super Power Saving Mode

seen when the OPPO Reno7 4G battery that I use only has 4% left. When I’m out of the house, of course something like this can cause panic. But don’t worry, there are special features that are right for use in an emergency like this.

Namely Super Power Saving Mode, which makes the device last longer for essential functions only. When activated, you can still make phone calls, access messages, and add other applications such as WhatsApp for up to a total of six applications. The menu background is also made solid black, in order to save battery power.

So you can still receive or make phone calls until you have a chance to charge it later. Of the three tips or methods above, which one do Gizmo friends use the most?

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