Tips for Making Passwords for Beginners

making passwords for beginners

Tips for making passwords for beginners, for beginners, when creating an e-mail account, social media, mobile banking/internet banking you will usually be asked to create a username and password. The purpose of having a password is to protect your accounts so that they are not compromised and misused by other people.

In fact, there are still often cases of crimes in cyberspace that manage to hack passwords on your e-mail or other accounts. This is of course worrying because cybercrime is not only about data theft but can also extend to scamming. So, so that your accounts are safe from hacker attacks, pay attention to the following method to create a strong password.

Tips for Making Passwords for Beginners

Here are tips for making passwords for beginners.

Creating a password for another e-mail or account or online account is easy, but you also can’t be careless in creating one. Moreover, crime in cyberspace is now also growing. There have been many cases of data theft and credit card burglaries that were carried out by people only with network hacking skills.

Of course you have to be careful not to become one of their victims. Now, choosing a correct and strong password can be a way to avoid hackers’ pranks. Then how do you make a strong password. Check out some of the following tips on creating a password.

1. Create a Password with a Maximum Character Length

Password generally must contain a minimum of 6 characters and a maximum of 8 characters. In order for your password to be considered safe, use a long password. Even this long password should not be made haphazardly or carelessly. Also pay attention to the alphabet of letters or numbers that you use. Avoid using consecutive letters, as well as numbers.

So apart from long passwords, use random letters or numbers that are not in sequence, you can also use a combination of numbers and letters. Make sure the password you create is easy to remember, because if you forget your e-mail password, for example, it will be a bit of a hassle to return it.

2. Avoid Use of Personal Information

To make it easy to remember a password, there are some people who use information as the password. This method is actually wrong and can be fatal and harm you. The use of personal information such as name, date of birth, username and e-mail address in passwords will actually become an easy target for hackers to break into your account. Therefore, try not to create a password that contains various personal information or your account that is at stake.

3. Using Unique Symbols

If you want a password with a safe and strong guarantee, put unique symbols on some of the characters in it. It doesn’t have to be much, you can insert one or two unique symbols to make your password difficult to crack. This method is quite effective because cyber criminals need to think hard so they can get into your personal account.

However, you may also have a little trouble remembering your own password. So if your password consists of unique symbols, make a small note in a book or note on your smartphone.

4. Use words that cannot be read

Apart from personal information, some people also use words that are easy to read in making passwords. For example, “read books” or “anakmipa” whose arrangement of letters forms a series of words that can be read. Passwords with examples like that will also be easily traced by hackers. So, if you use words of the same kind in your password, immediately change them to random and unreadable letters, for example “bdskdlou” or “rrsskkhh”.

5. Capital Letter Combination

The way to make a one hundred percent very secure and strong password is to combine a combination of letters, numbers and unique symbols. The letters used are also uppercase and some lowercase. If an error occurs when typing even one of the characters in the password, even you, the account owner, cannot log in to your own account. Of course, a password with a combination like that will make it even more difficult for cybercriminals to carry out their actions.

6. Use a Different Password for Each Account

Every account created online now requires creation of a password. For easy remembering you might create the same password on all your accounts. It turns out that this can also be a boomerang in itself, you know.

Imagine if the hacker managed to hack one of your accounts. Then it will be easier for him to break into other accounts because the passwords you use are all the same. To avoid these unwanted things, make different passwords on your accounts.

Those are some tips for making passwords for beginners that you can try on how to create a secure and strong password. The development of an increasingly advanced era also makes criminals more creative in committing crimes in cyberspace. So you have to be careful in carrying out various activities in cyberspace, especially those that have to do with payment applications.

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